Where Is Tristar Gym Lebanon in Desert Force 18?

It has become a known fact that mixed martial arts goes synonymous with Lebanon. Now, Desert Force 18, which will take place in Lebanon


It has become a known fact that mixed martial arts goes synonymous with Lebanon. Now, Desert Force 18, taking place in Lebanon [Monday August 17, 2015], promises to be the biggest Desert Force event to date. With the wild and passionate Lebanese fans and the many Lebanese fighters on the card, this will definitely be an event to remember. However, one of the major local teams, Tristar Gym Lebanon, seems to be absent from the card!

The official Desert Force 18 fight card has been out for a while now, and we expected some changes to be made. But, with no modifications so far and no reported presence from any Tristar Lebanon representative at the press conference which took place at Le Royale hotel, chances are looking slim and something must be definitely going on.

Tristar Gym Lebanon has been an integral part of Desert Force since the promotion’s early days, we have over and over again seen many of the fighters give a show whether it be win, lose or draw. Not only have their fighters participated in Desert Force event, but they’ve also made it to the finals of both Al Academia seasons with Georges Bardawil winning the crest of the bantamweight division. Fans cannot but expect Tristar Gym Lebanon fighters to be on the fight card.

With two of Tristar Gym Lebanon’s fighters, Mark Tanios at heavyweight, winning two straight and in perfect title contention place, as well as Georges Bardawil with his two straight finishes and definite position for the bantamweight title shot, it only seems logical that these title fights occur in Lebanon among the excited Lebanese home crowd and fans, but still, there are no signs.

Now, with less than a month to go, could there be any last second changes made to the fight card? Will the Lebanese fans get to see their home fighters fighting for the title?

And, most importantly, what could be happening between Tristar Gym Lebanon and Desert Force?

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  • Why such a thing ? DFC and Tristarclub have to explaine the issue, anyhow, its a missed chance for DFC , tristar is one of the piligrame and pionnee of MMA in the middle east !! Dfc credibility is on the line .sadly

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