Abou Hamdan Deserves a Title Shot!


Abdallah Abou Hamdan (9-3 mixed martial arts, 2-0 Desert Force) submitted Karim Khalifa (2-2 MMA, 0-1 Desert Force) in his Desert Force debut and finished Mahmoud Salama in his latest appearance to become the virtual number 1 contender for the Desert Force Middleweight Title. But when he got injured everything changed and his title shot seemed to have gone with the wind!

In the process, the 32-year-old loudly proclaimed his case for a title shot.

I deserve a title shot because i am the best! I was promised to fight for the title, and this is the best opportunity.

His victories were impressive, entertaining and thorough. So what should be Abou Hamdan’s next fight?

Could he be the one to step in instead of the current yet suspended Champ Hashem Arkhagha and face fellow Lebanese fighter Mohammed Fakhreddine for the title? To me, this seems like a well earned opportunity for the “Hooligan” and for the Arab fight fans to witness an explosive fight between 2 of the biggest punchers in the middleweight division!

So for now everyone is still waiting for a clear decision from Desert Force officials! Will Jordan’s Golden Boy Be Dethroned!? If so then who’s better than Abdallah Abou hamdan to face Fakhreddine. If not, then what will Fakhreddine have to say about a non-title fight!?

Not alot of fighters in the middleweight division deserve a title shot! I can see no other candidate worthy of stepping in the cage and walk out with the Desert Force prestigious shield! Fakhreddine Vs Abou Hamdan is a Must!

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