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Who Let Hamdi Out ? Who Who Who !

What was suppose to be a great Lightweight Finale for the first Season of Desert Force Al Academia was ruined by lack of class and sportsmanship.


Everyone is a loser. There is aesthetic joy to be found in MMA. The carefully timed punch, the perfectly performed takedown, and yes the armbar cleverly conceived and executed—all are things of true beauty.

All of that was present in this fight but with a few extra downfalls.

What was supposed to be a great Lightweight Finale for the first Season of Desert Force Al Academia was ruined by lack of class and sportsmanship.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how terrible a fight ended; there’s always someone around to explain just how ignorant you are, unable to enjoy the real results. I’m sure this fight had its supporters. There punishment should be watching this over and over again until they have to admit the brutal truth.

Here’s the real truth gentlemen, when a fighter BITES his opponent, his place is in a cage but not Desert Force cage. The octagon is a place for respect, honor and last but not least hard working MMA Fighters!


So Tareq Hamdi managed to catch El Rayyis with an armbar after being battered for almost 2 rounds. Is that enough to make him a champ? Is that enough to forget the illegal head-butt followed by a clear bite as seen in the photo above?

These are the type of guys Desert Force should release into the wind. He isn’t particularly entertaining and isn’t going to make it—so it’s only right he makes way for someone who still has a chance to.

So now someone else will steal what Elie El rayyis worked hard to get!

Should Desert Force officials seriously let this happen? Will they really invest in a fighter that shows this kind of behavior in a place were respect is above all?


So Mr. Mirza, what kind of return will you get from giving Hamdi this opportunity? Not a thousand fight camps or a billion sponsoring opportunities will change the fact that Tareq Hamdi was getting his *** handed to him by the better fighter that night.

It’s time someone puts an end to this monkey business. So who will it be?

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  • This is very biased post .. I like Elee but to be fair .. he did not lose bcaz of the bite !! he just like to complain and find excuses
    Come on guys ..

    on the other hand, what hamdi did is not acceptable

    • he did bcz hamdi take the aronbar on the hand that have been bitten

  • The thing is that Hamdi should have been disqualified immediately after the first illegal move but no he did bite as well and yet not disqualified. This is the issue.

  • Although all of us know that what was done by Hamdi was not accepted, but shit happens in mma world, you can see such things happen in UFC and other mma tournaments. Frankly speaking, the match between Elie & Bandar shouldn’t be stopped like that and given to Elie as an easy pie. Points would have been deducted from Bandar for the prohibited moves he did, then he would have a big chance to knock Elie out and win.. and come on dude, don’t tell me that the bite affected him psychologically so he lost.. he lost by submission, Elie TAPPED and LOST

  • The refferre was Yves Lavigne, and all of us know who is that guy .. he can’t just disqualify players just to make your friend win easily !!

  • Illegal moves = disqualification in disregard of who is the person with which this happens.
    Rules are there for a reason.

  • I think the decision to continue the fight was right. As I know, u get disqualified on the third foul. So one point for first, two points for the second and dq for the third foul.

  • Hello , i am a person that just enjoy watching fights .. What happened in the fight was not acceptable .. As u guys said shit happens but for every shit there is a certain rule for it .. When zidane did smth wrong against the italian defender and he hit him with his head he took a red card and was banned to play football from FIFA , mike tyson has bitten the ear of his opponent and he lost the fight .. Over here we can see that hamdi was so desperate to win that he have used everth he can use .. And if we watch the fight elie was winning all the fight when someone tries to use illegal ways to win he should defintly be dq ! And plus its nt the first time that things like this happens in desert force , so yes i think mr mirza should take in concideration and look for a solution bcz that was nt fair !

  • Desert Force should not be held by Mr. Mirza he is not a proffesional atleast from his acts. nothing personal

  • Although what Hamdi has done is totally wrong but still Elli doesn’t deserve the title and to be in the final from the beginning. Everybody knows and admits that the Saudi fighter Bander Yazen is the one who should be in the final and because of unprofessional referee Elli won that game. .
    This is the sky gustic….
    Let’s say the truth guys, if Bander &Elli continued that fight you would never see Elli in the final!!!
    We all saw how eeasily Elli surrender himself. Bander wouldn’t do that if he was at his place..

  • Elie el rayess would have ended the fight by a tko if it wasn’t bcz of the head butt . Elie should be the winner of the fight against Tareq hamdi . Mirza should do something about it.

  • A rule is a rule . If tarek hamdi was professional enough he woudbt even consider using his head butts or even bites . The decision was taken and now its too late.But such a “fighter” like tarek should at least banned from playing in desert force if not for the sake of players at least for the reputation of desert force . A real fighter defines confidence and high self esteem … a person without these qualities not only sjoudnt be part of desert force but shoudn’t even be called a fighter
    Sincerly a random fan of MMA.

  • the guy didn’t bite , watch the match replay , hatou 3ala mbc action wad7a eno ma 3ad w ba3den hata law 3ad ma asarit l 3ada 3al tari2a li rebi7 fia he won by armbar , by submission , we someone gets beaten he must admit it as a true mma fighter mech ye23od yethajaj bi 3ada w nat7a w ma ba3rif chou , wel natha kahasrou no2ta men waraha wen l hejje laken ? l zalame rebih … respect to the champ tarek hamdi

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