Will The Ultimate Fighter Ever Learn How to Belly Dance?

I’d hazard a guess we’d be back here next year.


“I’d hazard a guess we’d be back here next year.”

Following Friday’s “UFC Fight Night 39: Nogueira vs. Nelson” event at Abu Dhabi’s du Arena, UFC Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa Garry Cook threw a time bomb by saying that there is talks to get back ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ to the 4 year UFC deprived haven, Abu Dhabi, “we’re working on that currently,” he added, “The rest of it is still to come.” “We’ve had some really good business meetings this week.

I don’t want to confirm anything, but it’s highly likely that this time next year we’ll be having this same conversation again because it’s really important for us to keep coming back here every Cook realized the intense, the loyal, the passionate crowd the middle east has for this sport. He realized that it is only fair for UFC to revisit the Emirates. The Arabs are insanely loyal to this sport, they are a crowd that should be fed, and constantly fed with UFC! Cook acknowledge this pleasing phenomenon and as said previously, “we’re working on that currently,”.

Cook not only wants UFC back in the region, but also he wants to introduce the series that put UFC were it is now, ‘Ultimate Fighter’. Basically, Ultimate fighter is a series aired on TV in which fighters live together, train together, sleep together, and dine together before they enter the octagon. He believes that it is what UFC needs in order to boom in the region.

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