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Multiple WKA and Muay Thai World Champ Fadi Merza: Train Hard, Fight Easy

Arab pride Fadi Merza was born in Syria to an Assyrian family who traveled to Vienna searching for a better and more secure life , and that was surely a productive move. Growing up in Vienna , Merza began his career in the world of Martial Arts at the young age of 16.He kicked off his journey with kickboxing, and started adding W after W to his record eventually becoming a veteran of the sport with over 150 fights and regular appearances in international promotions all over the world.

2010 marked a bright spot on our battle-scarred fighter’s agenda when he took on Luca D’Isanto for the ISKA Oriental Light Middleweight Championship followed by the WKA K-1 rules World Super Welterweight title belt in Munich, Germany in August 2010.


Fadi it’s a great honor to have you here with us on No doubt you have been a known figure in the Muay Thai world, especially in the Arab region. Living in Austria for quite a while now, do you visit your hometown Syria?

Hi, first of all i want to thank you Arabs MMA for the interview, Ive been living in Austria , Vienna for 23 years and since then I never returned to Syria again. I wanted to visit Syria last summer but the situation in Syria is becoming very dangerous, it’s a shame, I hope everything will be ok!

How do you evaluate Arab fighters and what‘s the gap between them and Europeans?

I must honestly say that I know little to no international Arab fighter! I believe thats because Muay Thai is new in the Arab countries, and I’m sure that we will soon hear from a lot of Arab fighters, because they have the best prerequisites for courage and power too!

We heard you were going to fight 8 times world champion John Wayne Parr again this year, why didn’t the fight occur?

Yes, I should have fought against Parr, but unfortunately my management has taken another Fight, it was an important fight, I had to defend my WKA title world, that’s why we had to cancel the fight, but I hope the fight will soon happen, I fought against Parr in 2004 and I lost very close on point, I love to fight him again and get the chance to beat him!

What was your most important match in your fighting career and why?

I had a lot of important fights in my career (19 years already and more than 150 fights) for example against Parr, Alviar Lima, the challenger Muay Thai, Zambidis and many more.

We sure have a lot of talents in the Arab world who need consistent monitoring, what is your advice for them?

Always keep on hard training, no half things, either all or nothing! Train hard and fight easy

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