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World-renowned Khalid Ismail definitely has the chops to take Roger Gracie to the next level

the Brazilian jiu jitsu ace Roger Gracie has enlisted the help of LDG's founder, Khalid Ismail to aid him in his striking development.

When one mentions Lion’s Den Gym (LDG), one assumes that no further introduction is needed! And that is the case. LDG is one of the leading MMA gyms, housing some of the top notch fighters in the world, it is ultimately considered as the best facility in London. Ran by the legendary Khalid Ismail, LDG has been escalated to a world-renown institution. It is no wonder that the aura and energy residing at LDG prospect it onto a pedestal and an ideal training recluse for an upcoming fighter to train for his exhibition in the world’s biggest MMA promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Photo Credit: Amer Salim

Having said all this, it is clear why Roger Gracie (6-1) has chosen LDG as his sanctuary for the upcoming UFC 162 debut against the iron-clad opponent, Tim Kennedy. The Gym has developed into a truly world class facility. The trainers, fighters and support team at the gym give it a unique atmosphere that is ideal for any professional fighter to train in for their debut in the most conspicuous MMA promotion, the UFC.
Roger Gracie, a Brazilian jujitsu world champion, has only stared into the despair-filled eyes of defeat once in a KO to former Strikeforce champion, “King” Mo Lawal. Hence, with the help of Khalid Ismail, Gracie is setting his mind and soul on victory. And this goal is not a far-fetched dream if one considers the fact that Ismail is a kickboxing champion (WAKO 2005, 2007, 2008 British Heavyweight Champion, and BASMAA British Champion 1998-2001).

Photo Credit: Amer Salim

Ismail however is not there to simply help Gracie with his striking, as Khalid and the entire LDG team are evidently focused on improving Gracie’s wrestling and conditioning as well. With no doubt, Ismail who is a world-renowned trainer and a fighter himself has everything it takes to propel Gracie to the next level he seeks to reach. This adventure will not only allow the 6’4’’ Gracie the chance to maximize his potential, which can be an incredibly intriguing and harsh prospect to set for other UFC middleweights, but also shed the light on what Ismail and his LDG team can do for a fighter.

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