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Yazan Janeb Going Pro at Cage Warriors Fight Night 10


It’s at Cage Warriors Fight Night 10, which will take place March 28th at King Hussein Boxing Arena in Amman, that Jordan’s Yazan Janeb will make his professional debut against Hicham Laghzali, from Morocco, in a welterweight fight.

Following the footsteps of teammate Jarrah Al Silawy, Yazan will be the second Jordanian fighter out of Team Source to fight under the Cage Warriors Banner as a professional. The crowd will go crazy when these fighters enter the Cage, I can assure you!

  • When did you receive the news that you will be fighting on the professional card?

    I was informed by Cage Warriors organizers in December, and I have signed an exclusive contract with them. I am very happy at the moment because it’s like a dream come true.

  • How does your training differ this time from your amateur bouts

    As always, I am training and doing my best to be ready in all aspects. This time I am putting more effort on my conditioning training.

  • How does it feel to be one of the arabs on the main card

    I am proud of this because I have worked hard to get there. I have fought 8 times, and I have always competed agains the best arab fighters, and this made me gain a lot of experience.

  • Who are you training with at the moment?

    I train with my team at the Source MMA with Coach Tarek Kalimat, my brother Ihab Janeb, Muay Thai Coach Ali Al Ta’amary, and of course sparring partners such as Jarrah Al Selawe, Ihab Janeb, Yousef Zoghbaba, Yousef Abou Shreekh, Hassan Talal, Najm Mamkegh, Ezz Alderabani, Jalal Al Daaja, and the list goes on. I believe we have the best team in the region.

  • What are your thoughts on the rest of the arabs on the professional card?

    All the guys are awesome and they are training hard to put on a great show against the top guys. Insha’llah all of them will win. I wish them the best of luck.

  • What are your thoughts on your opponent? Will this fight be any different from the previous ones?

    I will be fighting against the Moroccan Hicham Laghzali (2-0). He is a great fighter with a great experience in Muay Thai. He has fought in K1 Style, and he goes to France to prepare for the fight against me and to train more on his grappling techniques, BUT I am ready for him. I trained hard.

    Insha’llah I will put a great show for our supporters and represent Jordan, Circassians, my team, my coaches, and my family in a great way!

Only two days till Cage Warriors Fight Night 10! Who will be at the arena?
Stay tuned on for Cage Warriors Fight Night 10 news and results.

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