Yazan Janeb Puts his Opponent to Sleep at CWFC Fight Night 9


Yazan Janeb made his 7th appearance in a Cage Warriors event at the recent show held in Amman, Jordan on the 25th of October, winning his fight against the Egyptian Anwar Moustafa by way of a triangle choke!

The Jordanian came out and set the tone early for this fight. After they traded punches and Moustafa threw a good combination, Janeb quickly went for the takedown and worked his way towards a rear naked choke which was not successful, but made one thing clear – Janeb wants to take this fight to the ground where he can demonstrate his superior BJJ skills!

Janeb worked another takedown in the first round, eventually ending up in full mount where he ground and pounded the Egyptian before attempting and arm bar right at the end of the first round. Both fighters traded strikes to open the 2nd round but Janeb quickly pressed his opponent against the cage and ended up on the ground in full mount. Moustafa scrambled well however and managed to regain half guard and sweep Janeb. With the Egyptian on top, Janeb threw his legs up going for the triangle choke. Securing it, he then grabbed onto his opponent’s legs to prevent Moustafa from standing and it wasn’t long before the Egyptian was put to sleep!

The win improves Janeb’s record to 5-2 in Cage Warriors (he also fought in the now defunct RFC) and he will be looking to make 2014 a standout year for himself!

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