Yerevanian on ArabsMMA LIVE: “Winner of Suleiman vs. El Sawi will fight Karaki”

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We’ve heard the expression “Santa Clause has come early this Christmas” before, but with the most recent comment posted by Mr. Chahe Yervanian on ArabsMMA “LIVE”, it appears like the Phoenix Fighting Championship president has sidelined Santa for good and given local mixed martial arts fans something to be good boys and girls for.

During the “LIVE” broadcast interview conducted by Zahi Ephrem of ArabsMMA, Middle Eastern MMA superstar Mohammad Fakhreddine was asked about his thoughts regarding a potential fight happening between Tarek Suleiman and Mohammad Karaki.

First though, a little context. Tarek Suleiman is the man who will face Ibrahim El Sawi in an upcoming bout to take place at Phoenix 4 on the 22nd of December. On that same card, Mohammad Karaki will be making his return against Egyptian Alaa Mansour. Karaki, the double division Desert Force champion, will be putting his perfect record on the line when he faces Alaa Mansour in his promotional debut.

Having trained with both these men, Mohammad Fakhreddine confidently stated that Suleiman would take away the cake in this one “if” it were to ever happen.

While talking about the subject on the “live” broadcast, Mr. Yervanian was tuned in and dropped a comment that the winner between El Sawi vs Suleiman would get his chance to fight Mohammad Karaki in their next bout.

What was a mere fan question a week ago has transformed itself to become one of the biggest, if not “the” biggest mixed martial arts fight to ever happen in the Arab world. We’ve seen Karaki vs El Sawi before and it will be absolutely awesome to see it again, but Karaki vs Suleiman just has a special that element of an extra special something about it. If there is a fancy moral out of all of this for Arab mixed martial arts fans, it will be the following: “Stay tuned on ArabsMMA and don’t hesitate to ask about the dream match-ups you would like to see”.

In case you missed it, check out the LIVE interview conducted by Zahi Ephrem on ArabsMMA Facebook on Wednesday, Nov. 8:

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