Younes Mikkis: If There’s a Rematch, Yousef Will Not Make It Past The 1st Round



The first fight Of “Al Batal: Season Two” had Yousef Wehbeh from Team Baghdad from Lebanon facing Younes Mikkiss (Team Elbe) from Morocco, with Mikkis securing the first victory of the show. Mikkis managed to get the decision win after being in control most of the fight shutting down Wehbe’s takedowns and catching him with multiple choke attempts.


Very happy and excited to be in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They are cities that I know because I already came to the Emirates for the holidays. I love the lifestyle and culture of the UAE. They are open to the world and keep their tradition. I am of Moroccan origin, I was born and I grew up in Paris, France.

There was a good vibe between the contestants, carried along with some and rivalry. I had a little over a week to prepare for my fight. I had time to recuperate and adapt myself because it is very hot compared to Paris. I’m in Ray Elbe’s team, Ray is an excellent teacher and followed by Laursen Ole and “Kounsok.” I always listened to their advice and followed the instructions to be as complete as possible. I learned a lot during the show.

After being announced as the winner, his opponent Yousef Wehbe did not seem to be content with the decision. Yet Mikkis claims that this was not the best he could offer.

I’m not happy with my fight despite the victory. I spent too much time trying to submit, while I’m the better boxer. He fell in the first round and I should have continued to strike instead of going for the submission attempts.

Yousef talks a lot, he said he deserved the win but when? He didn’t hit me and he spent his time defending the guillotine. I never felt at risk during the fight, neither did I feel that I was being dominated. The victory was unanimous and even those of his team told me at the end of the fight I was on top of him.

He’s currently trash talking on instagram saying that he wants a rematch and he will beat me. In case there is a rematch, I guarantee you that Yousef will not make it past the first round. I won once and I will always do.

Two hard fought rounds against the Lebanese Yousef Wehbe got Mikkis a unanimous decision win and moved him through into the next round. Well-deserved!

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