Youness Mikiss Outperforms Rahali, Advances to the Final!

Sabil Rahali Vs Youness Mikkis

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Episode 9 had its first semifinal bout of the season, pitting Team Elbe’s Younes Mikiss vs. Team Baghdad’s Sabil Rahali. This was the first semifinal in the show, with the winner moving forward to face Walid Akrouh. Walid had previously advanced to the finals due to his submission win, which impressed Al Batal officials.

This fight was all Mikiss as he managed to dictate the pace and shut down Rahil completely.

In the first round, Rahali went for a takedown, which got him stuck in a guillotine. It was not very tight, but Rahil was unable to take Youness down. On the contrary, Mikkis managed to put Rahil on the ground, mount him, do some GnP then take his back to control most of the first round.

In the second round, Rahali had nothing to give, almost giving up and throwing hasty punches. Youness circled around and dropped his punches. Without any permission and keeping the distance halfway through the round, Youness managed to score the takedown. It was all downhill from there for Rahil, who gave up two rounds to the Moroccan Mikkis and a direct ticket to the Finals!

The next episode of Al Batal will feature the second semifinals. This time the lightweights step toe to toe, pitting Jordanian Ezzeldine Al Derbane vs Egyptian/ Sudanese Tariq Ismail.

Stay tuned!

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