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Youness Ouakili: I Felt The Pressure This Year, I Had to Win!

You might be possibly familiar with this guy as he was featured in the first Season of Al academiya


Most of you must be familiar with this guy as he was featured in the first Season of Al academiya, but was not lucky enough to join the house! This year Youness Ouakili came in with a different mindset, and was not gonna take no for an answer.

“I felt the pressure this time, I had to win after losing last year. Thank God I am through, but surely not content with my performance.”

Ouakili is the teammate of current Desert Force lightweight #1 contender Triki, also fighting out of Morocco. He was one of the first four fighters to pass the first stage as one of 16 fighters who will join the show. He defeated Egyptian opponent Emad Hamdi after using his Jits in the second round to earn a decision win.

“I’m happy to move to the next round this season, eying the Title Inshalla”

Even though last year’s tryouts were straight to the point and left Youness bloody after his fight with Silvester Saba, this year’s hard training was a motivator for most of the fighters. No one wanted a free hair cut and a ride home according to Aziz Julaidan, one of the two head coaches!

“It was not hard to take the decision to try and get into the show again specially after the support of Rebels Team staff. This year’s show is obviously big! In the previous season we only went through the tryouts, but this year we found ourselves in a hell called KASOTC”

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