Yousif Ghrairi | I Do Not Respect Jerry Kvarnstorm or the Audience that Booed

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CFC (Cedar Fighting Championship) contestant Youssef Ghrairi looks totally displeased with some incidents involving his fight against Jerry Kvarnstorm at CFC 4 which took place this month in Beirut.

Holding a professional record of 5 wins with only 1 loss, Yousif “The Widow Maker” Ghrairi is an entertaining Lebanese lightweight fighter and a double promotion (EFC and ICFC) lightweight title champion.

We’ve took some time to talk with the man with one of the coolest nicknames in the sport, Youssef “The Widow Maker” Ghrairi, and ask him about his frustrations as well as his recent title match win at ICFC 9.

Regarding his CFC fight against Jerry Kvarnstorm, which resulted in his first professional loss, Ghrairi said that it was the match he had been waiting for because it was on his home soil of Lebanon against an opponent who he thought was good and holds an impressive fight record. However, as he explains, things didn’t turn out as he expected.

“It was my first professional fight in Lebanon in front of my friends and family, covered on TV and against an opponent with a lot of experience. Sadly though, I noticed that my opponent did not want to fight. He just wanted to finish the 15 minutes whatever way he could and probably did not even care if he wins.”

During the fight, Ghrairi got pretty emotional. As he explains, this was a mix of some things that Kvarnstorm said to him during the fight.

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“From the beginning of the fight, he (Jerry Kvarnstorm) was calling me a pussy. Trash talking is normal in a fight sometimes, but he got me angry with that. Props to him, it was a smart move and I lost my concentration as a result. However, the fact is that he didn’t do anything in this fight. He is not even a fighter in my opinion. I am very passionate about mixed martial arts. I want to fight and I want to trade punches. Even if I got knocked out that day, I would have gotten up, congratulated and respected him. I was upset because I was ready to fight on that day and I had a lot to show, but I couldn’t.”

Ghrairi claimed that there were some questionable refereeing incidents that he disliked, all of which added to his frustration. However, what surprised him the most was the fact that the Lebanese crowd was cheering for his opponent instead of him. Ghrairi also shared that he didn’t feel much love coming from the other Lebanese fighters present at the event.


“I’m not sure why the fans where cheering against me. There could have been a lot of reasons, but I’m not sure about any right now. I disrespect the audience that cheered against me, as well as the Lebanese fighters that where there and showed too much ego. Bottom line is that I’m mad about the fight. My opponent is experienced and it showed, but I disrespect him. I thought he was coming to fight me, trade punches and actually try to win, but he didn’t. I walked over him once the fight was over to show him who the pussy was. I was really angry, but I did my best to control my emotions as my coach told me to just get this day over-with.”

On the other hand, commenting about his recent fight as ICFC 9 against Iraqi opponent Hussein Fakher, Ghrairi had a lot of positive things to say.

“ICFC showed me a lot of respect and class from the moment I arrived there. Everything was organized. My opponent and I had a lot of mutual respect.”

When asked to share some details about the fight, Ghrairi mentioned the following.

“He (Hussein Fakher) was waiting for a counter strike which he eventually landed. He could have finished the fight with that had he hit me on the chin. He caught my leg once I kicked, though the game-plan was that I shouldn’t kick at all. He made use of my mistake and won the 1st round. In the round 2nd, I had a cut and they referee said that the fight will be stopped if it opens up more or if I don’t finish in the next 3 minutes. With that in mind, I went in to finish the fight and I did it. I hit a right hand and several knees to the mid-section, eventually finishing the fight.”

With his recent win and second title, Ghrairi is gradually becoming an even more serious name in the Arab world of mixed martial arts and promises that his next move will be in a big promotion. Knowing that there have been a lot of rising promotions around the Middle East, there are quite some doors and options that could be available for Ghrairi right now, especially being a double promotion title holder. Stay tuned to find out what this top fighter’s next move will be.

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