Zagid Gaidarov beats Abel Brites at BRAVE CF 66

Zagid Gaidarov and Abel Brites

Zagid Gaidarov was victorious in his bout against Abel Brites. The two fought at today’s Brave CF 66, which took place at Politeknik Pariwisata in Bali, Indonesia. 

Zagid Gaidarov vs. Abel Brites

The Bahrain fighter was pushed back by his opponent’s offense. However, he was able to throw some strikes of his own. Finally, Gaidarov managed to grab Brites’ leg after the Australian threw a low kick. This led to a successful takedown attempt, which led to Gaidarov landing in Brites’ half-guard. 

After that, the Bahrain fighter attempted to improve his position, but Brites’ ground game skills proved to be better. The Aussie locked his opponent in his full guard and grabbed his right hand. Gaidarov forced himself out of this predicament and got up back on his feet. 

Unfortunately for him Brites grabbed his foot and thread him with a heel hook. Nothing came out of it as the Australian’s grip wasn’t correctly applied. After freeing his foot Gaidarov landed two punches on Brites’ head and returned to the ground. 

This occurrence gave Brites another opportunity to lock his opponent in his full guard. Once again Gaidarov freed himself and returned to the vertical position. Only to return to Brites’ full guard one more time. After some position fighting Gaidarov rolled his opponent’s legs toward his head. Then he stepped out of Aussie’s full guard and started to dish out strikes to Brites’ head, forcing the referee to step in and call an end to the fight. 

Zagid Gaidarov def. Abel Brites via TKO (Punches) at 2:37 of Round 1.

This was Gaidarov’s fourth consecutive victory. The Bahrain fighter now sports a 4 – 1 professional MMA record. It was his third victory secured within the first outing with the other one being a submission win scored in the second round. The 2019 IMMAF World silver medalist is unbeaten inside the BRAVE’s cage. 

You can watch Zagid Gaidarov vs. Abel Brites at 4:02 of the video below: 

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