Zaid Mirza: Artem Reznikov Clearly Won In My Opinion

Desert Force 22


Amman, Jordan – Not all unanimous decisions end in controversy, and the “Jarrah Al Selawi Vs. Artem Reznikov”‘s meeting on the Desert Force 22 headlining event (Monday, April 18, 2016) was anything but controversial, however the judges viewing the contest inside the King Hussein Gardens in Amman made it that way.

After the judges announced the Desert Force 22 welterweight headliner decision, Desert Force CEO Zaid Mirza was calling for the heads of not particularly one judge. He like many, he thought Artem Reznikov clearly won Monday night, and should have had his hand raised in Amman. But boy were fight fans and pundits about to be amazed. Jarrah Al Selawi ended up winning the fight via unanimous decision.

The Desert Force CEO had it the other way around and he believes it was a shame to have such judging.

“I had it 2 to 1 Artem,” Mirza said to ArabsMMA reporter Zahi Ephrem. “I’m not a judge, but let’s be real, Jarrah spent the night on his back…!”

Mirza scored the first and second round for Reznikov. He had the third only for Al Selawi. Two judges had scored the fight 29-28. But the shocking one comes in form of 30-27 for Al Selawi! That was probably what got Mirza fired up.

“I am disappointed at the Arab MMA commission; we put everything in their hands. I apologize to the fans, we will always do our job and keep moving forward with our own organization.”

Desert Force currently functions under the Arab MMA athletic commission which has been acting as a governing body for in its previous 5 events. An official statement by the commission’s representative Mr. Rio Altai has been released, yet Mirza was highly expressive of his disappointment and pledged to get to the bottom of this issue.

A judges decision which ultimately drew criticism as a conflict of interest in regards to a promotion directly affecting the outcome of it’s organization’s fights.

“It’s not a matter of where the judges are originally from, we had judges from Brazil, Jordan and USA.”, added Mirza.

Stay tuned on in for an official statement from the Arab MMA athletic commission.

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  • I wonder how much they’re willing to pay for MMA judges in DF promotion… because I always believe “what you pay is what you get”…
    This should actually call for an audit for all past controversial fights as I doubt if the scoring is purely independent and unbiased… I’m not accusing anyone of fraudulent activities here but an audit is essential for continuous improvement

  • You don’t lose just from being on your back! You can win the fight while being on your back THE ENTIRE TIME from the guard position. Top or bottom, in regards to the guard, doesn’t matter. Its neutral.

    • This is MMA not BJJ, being on your back is not neutral, especially after being taken down.

  • A shame for this Commission and Jarrah, who had lain all fight on his back.. if he is a real man, he should refuse such a victory, and not jump for joy like a child!!!

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