2015 | The MMA Invasion of Sayfco Holding

It’s been a wild ride for Chahe Yerevanian inside the world of mixed martial arts. Sayfco Holding president, Chahe Yerevanian, is a prominent Lebanese businessman who quickly became a cornerstone in Arabia’s MMA landscape. His acts have left a notable mark on MMA in the region, and have helped pave the way for a better MMA community. Let’s have a look at some of Sayfco’s momentous contributions in 2015.

1. June 2015 – Sayfco Sponsors Team Shogun’s Mohammad Karaki and Rami Hamed

Chahe Yerevanian, a member of Shogun Gym who practices Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing, officially announced sponsoring two of team Shogun’s best fighters, Mhammad Karaki and Rami Hamed.

2. August 2015 – Sayfco Sponsors Desert Force Beirut Event


Sayfco Holding sponsors DESERT FORCE, the largest mixed martial arts promotion in the Arab world, helping bring the event to Beirut for the first time ever.

3. August 2015 – Sayfco Offers 1 Million Dollar Prize for Desert Force Lebanon Winner

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian did not only sponsor Desert Force Lebanon, but has also provided the best fighters a house in one of his monumental SAYFCO sites. So now, not only do we owe Yerevanian our thanks to making Desert Force Lebanon a reality, but we also owe him for entitling us to watch one of the most exciting fights ever. Check out the above press conference in which the prize was announced.

4. September 2015 – Sayfco sponsors MMA Festival

Sayfco steps in again as a main sponsor to the “Martial Arts Festival”, a first of its kind event that brought the hugest martial arts exhibit to the Middle East.

5. December 2015 – Mohammad Karaki Becomes First To Hold Titles in Two Divisions

Mohammad Karaki Holding the Desert Force Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Shields

Mohammad Karaki’s victory in Desert Force 19 main event over Ibrahim El Sawi placed the Sayfco sponsored fighter as the first to ever hold a shield in two different weight divisions in Desert Force.

6. December 2015 – Sportsmanship As Sayfco brings Ibrahim El Sawi To Beirut


Following the controversy that stormed after the Karaki-Sawi fight, Sayfco Holding invited Ibrahim El Sawi to visit Shogun Team in Beirut in a noble act of sportsmanship.

[divider] Mr. Chahe Yerevanian has truly a unique way of giving life to everything he participates in. That is mostly evident in the monumental SAYFCO compounds that flourish in every sector they rise in. He has also done that in the MMA field.

As Mr. Yerevanian always says, this is only the beginning!

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