5 Reasons why Brave Combat Federation 8 is a Landmark Event

Carlston Harris

Brave 8: The Rise Of The Champions made a huge statement as the 8th edition of Brave Combat Federation. The event marked the return of the promotion to Curitiba, and was headlined by two title fights that topped a truly entertaining fight card. An impactful fight night in the Capital of MMA cemented Brave Combat Federation in its home away from home, Brazil.

Title fights, entertaining rivalries, controversies and the presence of legends, there are many reasons why Brave 8 was a landmark in the promotion’s history. Let us explore the top 5 reasons.

The Rise of Champions

The event lived upto its name. Brave Combat Federation now has 2 more champions at the Welterweight and at the Light Heavyweight divisions respectively. The co-main event at Brave 8 saw Carlson Harris step in on a couple of hours notice, to make weight and face Carl Booth to become the first Brave Welterweight champion. A fairytale story come true for “Mocambique”. The headliner brought a special impact not only to Abreu who now holds the light heavyweight championship, but to all the Brazilians who were relieved that their champion delivered what he promised, by avenging the humiliation dished out by the German fighter. Brazil could be proud about the fact that Klidson cemented his legacy as the first light heavyweight champion of Brave Combat Federation.

MMA Legend Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva, From The Streets Of Curitiba

Storming the event was one of the most legendary and entertaining MMA fighters of all time, Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva. Born and raised In Curitiba, Silva was an inspiration to many of the local fighters who took part at Brave 8. Having him as a special guest was an honour for the fighters and towards Brazil. Having an aggressive style rooted in street brawling, powered by numerous unbroken records and entertaining battles, Wanderlei Silva’s presence made everyone’s experience memorable.

Quality of Fights and level of entertainment

The fight card had it all! The standup fighters, the grapplers and brawlers. From the way they faced-off on day one, everyone could sense that the show was underway. And the result? 5 Technical Knockout’s , 3 Submissions and 4 long and hard fought battles that showed what each and every fighter was made off. If entertainment was what you were looking for, entertainment is what you got.

frankie brave combat federation

So Here’s “The Answer”

Want to know if your are on the right career path? The living legend and a former UFC champion and an all time great, was at the commentary. Frankie Edgar along side Cyrus Fees, engaged the audience in Curitiba. This was Edgar’s second appearance as a commentator in a Brave show and his expertise is surely an added benefit that is appreciated by all the fans watching.


Remember the fighter who slapped the other fighter at the weigh ins? The retaliation was brutal enough, but not without a little controversy around it. Olivera who slapped Frohlich during weigh ins was on the receiving end of a very hard right hand. A barrage of punches knocked the mouth guard off from Oliveira, who immediately raised his hands to stop the fight and to get the mouth guard back. Referee did not notice the mouth guard having fell and signalled the match to be stopped as the fighter calling off a fight in between the rounds adds up to giving up the fight. Earlier on the card, Johnny Walker knocked out Rodrigo Jesus. Sometimes fighters, they recover quick and complain, was it a wrong call? Let’s wait and see the Brave Fights coming up this week.

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