Abu Dhabi Warriors Teams Up With Elite Boxing/ AD Warriors 3 Moved to Oct. 3


Abu Dhabi Warriors has announced plans to team up with Elite Boxing as part of a joint venture aimed at allowing the two combat sports companies to benefit from each other’s expertise and connections.

In the short term, two more Abu Dhabi Warriors events will be staged this year, in October and December. It has already been confirmed that EB will support these events with video production and global distribution through both its worldwide network of television broadcasters and the company’s in-house EB-TV online platform.

Both companies have also agreed to cooperate on future events that will be held outside of the UAE and feature mixed MMA and muaythai fightcards. Under this agreement, the MMA fights will be branded under the Abu Dhabi Warriors brand, while the muaythai fights will be organized and branded by EB.

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