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Ahmed Amir training at SBG Ireland for Brave 11

Ahmed Amir SBG Ireland

Brave 11 ‘s Ahmed Amir emerged as the ultimate underdog in the Brave Combat Federation who took his career to the next level exceeding expectations. In his first ever appearance, Amir faced a legend from the Jiu-Jitsu world against overwhelming odds and finished the fight in the very first round that too on the ground. The victory was embraced by the Arab world but many in the MMA world wrote it off as an accident. However Amir returned against Kevin Koldobsky from Argentina who trains at Straight Blast Gym Ireland to secure a victory during the second round by technical submission. Finally at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions, he had to face Erik Carlsson from Sweden who came out strong after a dominating victory over tough Gadzhimusa Gadzhiev. Gadzhiev was the first to hand over a loss to Thiago Viera from Brazil and odds were at the side of Carlsson against Amir.

Yet for the third time, Amir won the fight by split decision despite overcoming the heavy striking game showcased by Carlsson. The Arab sensation is pushing the frontiers for mixed martial arts in the region by becoming the first Arab fighter to set a camp at the fabled Straight Blast Gym Ireland under head coach John Kavanagh. Amir is preparing to face Cleiton Silva in the eleventh edition of Brave Combat Federation hosted in Brazil. Amir had stated that he will look forward to upscale his fighting skills training at the best gyms after Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. He had trained at Tiger Muay Thai for the ninth edition of Brave Combat Federation. His move to Ireland came as a surprise to many and the results are eagerly awaited.

Never been submitted or knocked out in his 14 fight long career, Cleiton Silva poses a massive threat to Ahmed Amir. Adding to that Clieton will have the advantage of the support from his hometown fans at Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This also marks for the first time Amir will be fighting in a territory other than the Middle East. With overwhelming odds in support of Cleiton Silva, Amir have to overcome fighting in opposing territory, adapt to the new weather and finally the more experienced fight who has never been submitted or knocked out. A victory for Amir will be a victory for Mixed Martial Arts in Middle East and will be a milestone for many to pursue their dreams.

“It is an honour to train under John Kavanagh, whom I respect a lot. I never thought I will reach this far. I carry the responsibility of representing Mixed Martial Arts in Middle East. Odds may be against me but I am here to give my best fight. All fighters I fought against are great and respectable but I wanted the victory more than anyone because I was hungry to become the best. I will train my best and will go for nothing but victory against my opponent.”, said Amir.

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