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Ahmed Labban talks Phoenix 4, Weight Cut and Ramezani rematch

Ahmed Labban’s debut in the lightweight division was unsuccessful. His 3 fight win streak, which he looked spectacular accumulating was put to an end when he took on Mehdi Ramezani at Phoenix 4 Dubai.

It was clear that Labban’s timing was a little bit off from what we usually expect to see. Ramezani took advantage of this opportunity and was able to score a 3 round unanimous decision victory over, finding an answer to a fighting style that was hard and overwhelming to deal with for all of Labban’s previous opponents.

Talking about that fight, Labban claims that the weight cut was his main opponent, surprisingly doing a lot of harm to his body and eventually negatively influencing his performance. As a result, he lost a lot of his power and was not able to follow up on his strikes with combinations as he usually does in his fights.

“I didn’t know that I’m going to be so drained from cutting weight. Initially, I felt well after originally making the weight and rehydrating, but it wasn’t the same feeling I got on fight night. I was throwing punches from a distance and couldn’t land much. I thought I would knock him out in the first round, but I felt that I couldn’t follow up on my strikes because my energy was really just drained out of me.”


Mehdi Ramezani did not make weight the day before the fight, as Labban explained. This triggered Labban who strongly believes that Ramezani is just a normal opponent whom he can beat with ease if he ever gets the chance to fight him again.

“Ramezani came in at around 2.5 KG above the weight limit. He actually wasn’t a difficult opponent. I beat a more difficult opponent in Ahmed Ibrahim before him and I think Ahmed Ibrahim would have beat Ramezani too.

While not being too disappointed about the loss, Labban is looking forward for his next fight. Though he says that his experience as a lightweight won’t be repeated again anytime in the near future, he doesn’t hold back from issuing a challenge to Ramezani for a catch-weight rematch. Labban feels that Ramezani is unlikely to accept his challenge, but it would sure make a great fight for the fans if it were ever to happen again in the near future.

“I wasn’t too upset about the lost because I knew that I couldn’t fight to my utmost potential due to the weight issue. It drained the power and stamina right out of me. Still though, I feel the sting of the loss and I’m preparing hard for my next comeback fight. I’m not going to cut weight and fight at 70 KG anymore and I actually want to challenge Ramezani for a rematch at 77 KG. I’m not sure whether or not he will accept my challenge because I punched him in the face repetitively, but I’m ready to challenge him at the catch weight of 75 KG if he wants to do it.”

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