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Alaa Mansour: “Karaki got knocked down 3 times in his first hard fight”

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Alaa Mansour is convinced that he has what it takes to put an end to Karaki’s undefeated record. He plans to pull off what many Mixed Martial Arts fans believe to be impossible at Phoenix 4 in Dubai.

Approaching this fight as an underdog, we interviewed Mansour who did not seem to be shaken by what Karaki has to offer in terms of attitude and skill. With a (4-0) record, the Egyptian fighter accused Karaki of being carried from one fight to another, only competing against lower level opponents that can most likely guarantee him a positive record of victories. In addition, he stated that Karaki can be easily overwhelmed when fighting a higher level opponent.

“Karaki thinks he’s so smart but in fact his good days will be over soon. He always takes the easy fights. He got knocked down 3 times in the first ever hard fight in his career when he faced El Sawi. That’s the highlight of what he really represents.”

Mansour is clearly not a fan of Karaki’s fighting style, claiming that it’s both un-entertaining and outdated for the modern sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He believes that a lot of what Karaki has been posting on social media is just a bunch of antics to get him to react, and even questions his opponent’s striking ability, assuring him that his reaction will appear once they throw down inside the Phoenix Fighting Championship cage.

Mohammad Karaki vs. Alaa Mansour

“His style is old and boring. Now, he’s talking too much and uploading his shit striking waiting to see my reaction. I’ll show him my reaction in the cage.”

Even coming in as a huge underdog against one of the most decorated fighters and champions in the Arab region, Mansour knows very well that anything can happen in a fight. He is looking to keep his undefeated record intact while tarnishing Karaki’s record and picking up a win that will boost him up to the top of the Middle Eastern Middleweight rankings.

Phoenix 4 will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center on the 22nd of December in Dubai. Holding a 16 bout fight card that includes fighters from all over the world, Phoenix 4 is headlined by Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzaz making his MMA comeback to face Christophe Van Dijck. The co-main event pits Claudio Cezario who makes his second Phoenix appearance when he faces Kyrgyzstan’s Samat Emilbekov. The event will also hold a light-heavyweight title bout pitting Moise “Swamp” Rimbon vs. Pavel Doroftei.

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