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Anas Siraj Mounir | FitRepublik Fight Camp Is Where Amateur Fighters Are Prepared To Go Pro

Anas Siraj Mounir on FitRepublik Fight Camp

ArabsMMA caught up with Desert Force fighter and FitRepublik kickboxing coach Anas Siraj Mounir who will be conducting the kickboxing classes at the FitRepublik Fight Camp.

Before turning pro, Anas had a good share of amateur fights that helped pave the way to a lucrative professional career. “The Moroccan Sensation” explains that many people are jumping in on the MMA-bandwagon nowadays, without taking the time to develop their skills.

Anas Siraj Mounir:

I have noticed here in the Middle East that fighters want to turn professional straight away. That’s the wrong way of approaching MMA fighting. You have to go through an amateur phase where you are allowed to make mistakes, you learn from all the competition, and you improve your skills and philosophy when it comes to fighting. Once you turn pro, that’s the real deal.

During the four week MMA fight camp organized by FitRepublik, amateur fighters will go through rigorous training to work on strength, conditioning, cardio, and martial arts skills, concluded by a fight day event during which participants put their skills to test. The meticulous training program designed by FitRepublik’s experts and internationally acclaimed coaches will help the fighters develop all aspects of the fighting game, striking(boxing, kickboxing, thaiboxing), transitions (takedowns), and ground game (BJJ/No Gi). The open week of the camp will be conducted by UFC fighter and ADCC World Champion Rani Yayha.

The training camp, will start on the 25th of October all through the 21st of November, and will be open to both the members of the gym as well as the non-members of the gym. The cost for the 1 month camp is AED 2400. Places are limited to sixteen adults, please contact FitRepublik (+971 4 556 1800) at the soonest to register.

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