AUFC 3 (Arab Ultimate Fighting Championship) Results

AUFC 3 Results


The Arab Ultimate Fighting Championship closed its doors Friday February 20 on it’s 3rd installment AUFC 3. In the main event, Hassan Abo Ali squared off against Peter Elsaedii in a highly anticipated rematch. They aggressively went at each other during the weigh-ins and had to be separated. The tension has been building for a while since their last fight. During the fight – the first minute started off with Peter using his superior skills too strike get at Abo Ali and knocked him down once. Later in the round, as soon as it went to the ground, it was Abo Ali’s world and he finished him off with the RNC.

In the co-main event, Ahmed Sami faced Mahmoud Fawaz. Both fighters showed great technical skills. On the ground and during stand-up. Both had great strikes. During the 2nd round, Fawaz showed great resistance against sami, but as soon as Sami snatched at the opportunity for the armbar, he wasn’t letting go and snatched a great victory over an unbeaten and highly skilled fighter.

Maik Wegner was the first german to fight in MMA in Egypt, facing Walid Saad. Walid Saad showed great power and left Wegner in a bloody mess before Wegner took his opportunity as soon as he saw it and snatched the victory away from Saad wwith strikes that finished the powerhouse, Saad.

AUFC 3 Results:

  • Hassan Abo Ali vs Peter Elsaedii, 
Abo Ali wins 3:21, Round 1 by submission (rear naked choke)
  • Ahmed Sami vs Mahmoud Fawaz, 
Sami wins 4:30, round 2 by submission (armbar)
  • Ahmed Soliman vs Shadey Ali Ahmed, 
Soliman wins – 5:00, Round 1 by doctor stoppage
  • Sayid Saeed vs Mohamed Abo Rawash
, Abo Rawash wins – 2:11, round 3 by DQ
  • Mostafa Mohamed vs Mohamed Shaheen, 
Mostafa Mohamed wins – 2:28, round 3 by forfeit
  • Ali Reyad vs Mohamed Shehta, 
Shehta wins – 2:44, round 1 by submission (rear naked choke)
  • Hassan Mandour vs Ahmed Mohamed
, Mandour wins – 1:21, round 1 by submission (armbar)
  • Mohamed John Djemadoka vs Mahmoud Afia, 
Afia wins – 3:53, round 1 by submission (rear naked choke)
  • Mohamed Shahat vs Ayman Elhomosany, 
Elhomosany wins by split decision
  • Maik Wegner vs Walid Saad
, Wegner wins – 2:30, round 1 by verbal tapout
  • Moaaz Elsayed vs Ibrahim Hassan
, Mooaz Elsayed wins – 1:59, round 1 by TKO
  • Amir Nour vs Mohamed Ahmed
, Amir Nour wins – 2:28 round 1 by TKO

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