Azaitar Publicly Defies Security At Brave 2


Bahrain| You might be the toughest security guard in the business, but when an MMA fighter like Abu Bakr Azaitar stands in your face, you might want to rethink your job description.

This Instagram footage shows Brave 2 co-main event MMA fighter Ottman Azaitar. He was walking out after a dominant win against Kevin Koldobskey and this happened!

As procedures state, fighters should be escorted directly to back stage without any media interruptions, but not this time.
As local media approached Ottman, security denies them the opportunity. At this point his older brother reacts and reaches up to him, grabbing him back to finish the interview. Abu was  not accepting any remarks and setbacks.
For the security guard, it was not worth it, debating with a slightly aggressive Azaitar. After all who can stand in front of an MMA fighter taking care of his younger brothers business?

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