Aziz Julaidan Suffers Knee Enfusion, Withdraws From Desert Force Bahrain

Julaidan's injury comes back to haunt him, and this time putting him out of the fight for sure.


Desert Force Bahrain was supposed to be headlined by a title fight pitting the current Featherweight Champion Abdul Kareem Al Selwady and the Saudi Challenger Aziz Julaidan. Yet as this fight got closer and the training got more intense, Julaidan injured his knee almost three weeks prior to his title fight. Little did we know about this issue, as Julaidan wanted to fight so bad that he had planned to recover and take this fight as it is despite the injury.

It is sad to hear of the injuries that appear throughout MMA rigorous training routine, but things do happen when pushing the human body to the limit. 3 days before the big day, Julaidan’s injury comes back to haunt him, and this time putting him out of the fight for sure.

So here’s a brief informative description of what a knee effusion.

Known as water on the knee, occurs when excess fluid accumulates in or around the knee joint. There are many common causes for the swelling, including arthritis, injury to the ligaments or meniscus, or when fluid collects in the bursa. This condition is known as prepatellar bursitis.

If the knee is swollen, red and warm to the touch when compared to the other knee as shown in the picture, doctor may be concerned about inflammation so fighting is not an option. Knee joint effusion responds well to simple self-care measures, such as rest and elevation as well as icing and exercise. So in Julaidan’s case, it would have been very improper to actually step in the cage with such an injury.

This fight will happen , sooner or later! Al selwady would want this fight to take place as much as Julaidan to prove again and again that he is the Champ in this division.

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