Bharat Khandare is hopeful that Jon Jones will thrive in UFC 214

Bharat Khandare (5-1-0) is one among the pioneers in Indian MMA and the first to be invited to UFC. He is one among the major talent from India to have signed with Brave Combat Federation. He made his debut at Brave Combat Federation in Mumbai and had been active in behind the scenes in the Indian film circuit. Bharat Khandre upheld his legacy with a victory over Kazuhisa Watanabe at the new Japanese fight show “Ganryujima” promoted by Sadaharu Tanikawa, a former producer and executive with K-1. Bharat is one among the few Indian athletes to have trained alongside Jon Jones. In the latest interview, Bharat was pleased to share a side of Jon Jones that is quite unique to the fans of the sport.

When asked about his time at Jackson Wink, Bharat responded,

“The 6 months at Jackson Wink MMA were unbelievable. It was a pure learning experienced and that phase helped me to learnt a lot. I had trained with the best coaches and fighters. It changed my perspective about training and multiple aspects of the sport. I really want to get back there and to train.”

When asked about his proximity and training in a camp alongside Jon “Bone” Jones, Bharat explained a side of Jon Jones. “Jon Jones came across as an extremely humble individual at Jackson Wink MMA. When I first met him, I was nervous as he is a huge star. But he made me feel very comfortable and we eventually became friends. I was not fluent in English, but he made effort to communicate and keep me at ease while we were at the camp. He understands the universal aspect of the sport and I am happy to see him return after a long spell outside the octagon. While his skill level is superior to Daniel Cormier, DC’s can never be underestimated. It is going to be a good fight. Jon Jones had an inspiring and tough personal journey which only he can talk about. I know a different side of him and I sincerely wish him to win the championship bout.

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