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Brave 10: Jarrah Al-Silawi vs. David Bear Fight Breakdown

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The co-main event of Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises features a stylistically interesting match-up between welterweights Jarrah Al-Silawi and David Bear.
This contest is a tricky one for both these fighters who share many similarities in their strategic approach to Mixed Martial Arts tactics inside the cage. Let’s have a look at their last couple of fights and move ahead to find their keys to victory in their next match-up against each other.

The newly signed, and undefeated David Bear ended his first bout at Gladiator Fighting Arena 5 via an arm-lock late in the first round. Actually, looking at his MMA record, Bear has 5 consecutive submission victories registered on his undefeated 7-0 fight record, which is pretty impressive. In his fight before the last, Bear faced Mohammad Ghorabi at Desert Force 20. Though Ghorabi was the favorite to win the bout, Bear was able to neutralize him in the first round by maintaining constant quick movement inside the cage, exploding into short boxing combination inside the pocket and successfully frustrating Ghorabi to counter attack him aggressively. Ghorabi’s excitement would lure him in forward guns blazing, making it relatively easy for Bear to catch him, usually grabbing a leg or two and scoring a takedown. Once his opponent’s back hit the mat, Bear was relentless in his pressure, always enhancing position while delivering punishment from the top.
In the 2nd round, Bear was able to take Ghorabi down once again with relative ease. He kept his opponent busy with defending his blitzkrieg of punches and forceful transitions, until by the end of the round, he took Ghorabi’s back and sunk in a seemingly effortless rear-naked choke that ended the fight with a submission victory for Bear.

Jarrah Al Silawi grabbed a recent win in his rematch against Carl Booth, the man who had previously handed him his first professional loss. In the fight, Al-Silawi played the perfect tactic of turning weakness into strength. He lured Booth in to close distance and attempt to throw the huge right hand that he is in love with. With Al-Silawi’s back against the cage, Booth would be tempted to clinch up against Al-Silawi instead. In the grappling contest, Al-Silawi would, for 3 rounds, be able to take Booth down with almost the exact same outside leg trip from body buckle takedown.
After taking Booth down, Al-Silawi would stay patient, keep his hips square with his grounded opponent and land some slick ground and pound that eventually opened up his opponent’s face, leaving him bloodied for the rest of the fight. Only once in the fight (In the 3rd round) was Carl Booth able to scramble his way back up, but Al-Silawi was able to inevitably once again score the same takedown, ending the fight on Booth’s back and going on to win a unanimous decision victory.
So, after having taken a look at their previous fights, let’s check what the keys to victory for both these fighters are.


David Bear:

The cardio and mobility that David Bear has is quite impressive. Bear can use his movement to frustrate Al-Silawi and create angles to land his punches more effectively. Unlike Bear, Al-Silawi’s most used stand-up weapons are his kicks. Though Al-Silawi has KO power in his hands, he’s recently not been using them as often and as aggressively. Bear, however, has decent boxing skills and doesn’t shy away from firing has hands. So, if used well by Bear, the boxing can create a problem that could force Al-Silawi to hesitate or maybe counter with a kick that Bear can catch and use for his takedown shot.
Pressuring Al-Silawi with strikes is a task that is easier said than done. Al-Silawi comes from a strong Muay Thai background and is extremely patient in his striking. His methodological approach to striking, especially his master level counter striking, can become lethal if Bear becomes too aggressive early in his explosive combos or chooses to throw in a lot of volume punches without mixing it up with the other aspects that he is good at in MMA.
Bear probably has the advantage in the wrestling department. If he is able to stay active and force Al-Silawi backwards to the cage, a tendency that Al-Silawi has, he can pressure Al-Silawi by switching his game up between striking, cage control and throwing in a takedown or two whenever available. Once on the ground, he can force his transitions and might end up in a dominant position.


Jarrah Al-Silawi:

The Jordanian has a lot of KO and TKO finishes both as an amateur and a professional. The power that he has is not to be taken lightly by Bear.
Al-Silawi’s experience has developed him into becoming a more complete MMA fighter. He is no longer as aggressive as he once was with looking for the power shots. He is now fully aware of the depth that he possesses in his MMA arsenal and is confident of his ability to finish a fight both standing or on the ground.
In this contest, Al-Silawi is no doubt the better and more powerful striker of the two. Though he is a complete MMA fighter, an intelligent strategy would be for him to kill Bear’s creativity by keeping him on the back-step while trying to hurt him with his more powerful shots, kind of like he did in the old days. As he is doing so, however, Al-Silawi has keep an eye on Bear’s explosive shots and try to avoid going to the ground in this one. Bear is very explosive on top, constantly overwhelming his opponent with damage and transitions, unlike Al-Silawi who is more patient and technical. Though Al-Silawi has caught a lot of his opponents with his favorite Kimura submission from bottom, the chances of him doing so against Bear are much slimmer due to Bear being such a seasoned BJJ practitioner.

Overall, Al-Silawi’s best strategy would be to keep the fight standing since he will be more comfortable on the feet than his opponent in the long run. He should defend his opponent’s inevitable takedown attempts with good movement, sprawls and a constant threat of a knee or uppercut. Most importantly, he should avoid kicking as often as he does with other opponents in order to avoid being takedown or forced up against the fence by Bear.

Jordan will host Brave CF 10: The Kingdom Rises taking place on the 2nd of March at Prince Hamzah Sports Hall inside King Hussein Sports City. Brave CF 10: The Kingdom Rises features 12 Mixed Martial Arts fights headlined by a featherweight title fight between the champion Elias Boudegzdame vs Jakub Kowalewicz, and the co-main event between the crowd favorite, Jarrah Al-Silawi vs David Bear.

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