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Brave 2 Free Fight: Erik Carlsson vs Jarrah Al Silawi

Brave 2 Free Fight | Erik Carlsson vs Jarrah Al Silawi

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This fight had its own hype building up around it! From the signing of Jarrah Al Selawi, one of the biggest names in Middle Eastern MMA to the pre-fight tension we witnessed at the Open Workout face-offs. Everybody was hyped up to see what the Jordanian Lion will showcase against the Last Viking and they were not let down.

In a highly competitive first round, Carlsson had some joy in the clinch and secured a takedown. Yet, he was unable to hurt Al Silawi or land anything significant, and Al Silawi fought back with devastating body kicks.

In the second round, Carlsson attempted to take Jarrah down, despite Al Selawi’s slick Jiu Jitsu. As he landed on top of Selawi in a scramble, he fell right into the trap of Al Silawi. The Jordanian Lion immediately got into his position, grabbed his arm and locked in the Kimura lock which looked nasty and may have caused some damage prior to the Swede tapping.

And this is how the tale started. Check out the video above to live the fight and share with us your opinion on each fighters performance.

Brave Combat Federation will continue to share free fights and we will keep bringing them to you.

If you missed the Main Event, watch here also for free. All you have to do is CLICK.

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