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‘ Brave 4 ‘ FREE FIGHTS: Fakhreddine, Al Selwady, Al Selawi and Azaitar

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One of the best things about Brave Combat Federation is that it always opens up its vault and releases Free Fights after its events.

After the remarkable performances of Arab fighters at Brave 4: Unstoppable which took place on March 31 in Abu Dhabi, the promotion has released so far four full free fights for the fans to enjoy. Watch them in no specific order, Mohammed Fakhreddine vs. Brazil’s Marcus Vinicius Cruz in a welterweight match up, Abdul Kareem Al Selwady vs. Brazil’s Michael Deiga-Scheck in a lightweight match up ( WATCH HIS CRAZY CELEBRATION ), Jarrah Al Selawi vs. Italy’s Daniele Scatizzi and the fourth between Ottman Azaitar vs. UK’s Charlie Leary.

Three of these fights ended via finishes yet the sole one that went the distance shows what a Jordanian Lion can do to a #1 Italian fighter who fights out of the infamous SBG Ireland Gym. Make sure to enjoy the fights and spread them with your friends.

More fights to be published only on ArabsMMA.com. The promotion now heads to India on April 23rd with a headlining bout featuring Carl Booth and Tahar Hadbi. Check out the released fight card so far on THIS link.

* Brave 4 Free Fight | Fakhreddine vs. Marcus Vinicius Cruz

* Brave 4 Free Fight | Abdul Kareem Al Selwady vs. Michael Deiga-Scheck

* Brave 4 Free Fight | Jarrah Al Selawi vs. Daniele Scatizzi

* Brave 4 Free Fight | Ottman Azaitar vs. Charlie Leary

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