Brave “The Beginning” | Gaziev Hands Vieira His First Loss

Isa Town – Bahrain. Gadzhimusa ‘Deadshot’ Gaziev is officially the first person to hand Thiago ‘Monstro’ Vieira his first professional career loss in a terrific fight!

Gaziev Vs. Vieira went down as the co-main event of Brave “The Beginning” which streamed live on and on

Vieira, who was originally supposed to face Mohammad Fakhreddine, made extremely well use of his long frame and 10cm reach advantage to land devastating low kicks in the initial exchanges of the fight.

Gadzhiev appeared patient and was waiting for the chance to close the distance with looping overhand strikes when given the chance. When the chance did not come, Gadzhiev rushed in with a takedown which he was able to get but Vieira managed to wall walk his way back up and throw a devastating three strike combo that appeared to have Gaziev in a world of trouble!

The unpredictability of MMA reared its head however once more and just as it appeared that Gaziev’s night would be cut short he threw a cracker of a right hand that dropped a stunned Vieira against the cage. All it took was a few strikes more for the referee to call the fight and award the victory to the Daghestani!

Stay tuned on for live updates on Brave 1 main event between long time rivals Rami Aziz and Abdulkareem Al Selwady!

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