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Brave President laments Meryl Streep anti-MMA speech; invites Hollywood star to event


The winning speech of the actress Meryl Streep during the Golden Globes last Sunday took over the Mixed Martial Arts community.

Streep directly attacked the president-elected Donald Trump and used the MMA as a negative example to do it.

“Hollywood is crawling with foreigners and if you kick them all out all you have to watch is football and Mixed Martial Arts”, she said.

During an interview with the Bahraini media, Brave Combat Federation president Mohammed Shahid was questioned about Meryl’s speech and dropped a very surprisingly invitation.

“We all at Brave Combat Federation are huge fans of Meryl Streep’s work and consider her one of the greatest actresses of all time”, Shahid said. “That’s why we felt really sorry about her words towards the sport we love, support, and work for. But the truth is: we’re ready to change her mind and that’s why I invite Maryl Streep to attend one of our events”.

“Her characters entertained and inspired us, and our athletes spent their life perfecting amazing skills that ultimately also entertain and inspire people around the world. We know she will be able to see it looking closer”, he continued. “Mrs. Streep, you’re invited to come personally and get to know not only Brave Combat Federation. It would be a huge pleasure for us to cover all your travel and accommodation expenses, likewise getting you a first row seat for one of our upcoming events. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet the people responsible for one of the biggest MMA events on the planet, the athletes who star the show and experience the atmosphere of the sport that has attracted more fans than any other around the planet in recent years”.

Shahid believes that Meryl Streep’s conception might come from a lack of knowledge about MMA. “Our roster has athletes from five different continents, several countries, and many regions, each one of them bringing their unique background to the mix. We honestly believe that the greatest value lies in the cultural exchanges we promote every single day. Instead of suppressing the individual manifestations and characteristics of a people, nationality or any other form of identification, we offer a global stage for them to be increasingly valued and exalted, and that’s exactly what she stands for, right?”, he concluded.

The next Brave installment will take place on March, when the promotion lands in Brazil for the first time, for a show in the city of Curitiba. After that, Brave returns to the Middle East and promotes a fight night in the Emirates.

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