Chahe Yerevanian Announces Phoenix Press Conference On October 8

On Saturday, October 8, ahead of a great night of full-contact MMA and Muay Thai action, the Middle East’s premier marital arts patron and Phoenix CEO, Chahe Yerevanian, Phoenix management, and “Phoenix 1” stars will come together for the event’s official press conference. Media are invited to cover the conference and get one-on-one interviews with the event fighters, including the Muay Thai Legend Buakaw who will be at the head of the card.

Mr. Chahe Yerevanian has announced the conference on the promotion’s official facebook page earlier this week, re-asserting his contribution to the martial arts industry, and promising an unforgettable show at the Phoenix Championship opening night in Beirut.

Chahe Yerevanian:

“Phoenix Fighting Championship is a Lebanese MMA and Muay Thai promotion. It is located in Beirut, Lebanon, promoting the best local, regional, and international MMA and Muay Thai fighters. It should be noted that Phoenix is the first Muay Thai promotion in the region. We want to deliver a world class show and to become the best promotion in the Middle East. Fighters, coaches, teams, fans, media eyes, will all turn to Beirut. Phoenix is without any doubt my biggest investment in the sport scene. It’s been years that I support and sponsor individual athletes, basketball teams, marathon runners, MMA fighters, MMA teams, martial art events, and now Phoenix. I believe sports is the best field to invest in today, because it is the only field that connects people together. Phoenix will be having its launching press conference on Saturday 8th of October. World champions and fighters including the legendary Buakaw will be present in the press conference. We promise to deliver the best. The event in December will be an unforgettable and breathtaking show. See you at the press conference. ”

Phoenix 1 night of MMA and Muay Thai action will feature explosive, hard hitting bouts between the fiercest fighters of the industry, including many international heroes who will make their way to Beirut.

The “Phoenix Championship” belts will be on the line for the first in heart-stopping battles this December! Stay tuned to for all on Phoenix 1!

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