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Chahe Yerevanian To Sign Muay Thai Legend Buakaw for Phoenix 1

Buakaw Banchamek is possibly one of the biggest names in the Muay Thai industry with over 262 career fights and 227 wins. The big news broke up today morning as Chahe Yerevanian, President/CEO of PHOENIX Championship Tweeted That PHOENIX is looking forward to sign Buakaw Banchamek, a.k.a Buakhao, for the promotion’s inaugural installment, PHOENIX 1!

PHOENIX is now in serious talks with WMC Muay Thai world champion and K1 World MAX world champion, Buakaw Benchamek, to have him fight at PHOENIX 1 in December in Beirut. Sources close to the promotion confirmed to ArabsMMA.

Both sides are close to finalizing a deal, and if all goes well, Buakaw will be fighting for the first time in the Middle East. While talks are progressing well between Buakaw and PHOENIX, an opponent for Buakaw is to be determined later.

Almost incredible! But that was the word of Mr. Chahe Yerevanian. ArabsMMA knew that vice president Louai Kiblawi and COO Serge Saad have already headed to Bangkok to finalize the deal.

While pictures of Buakaw training MMA have surfaced online throughout the last year, rumors were fast spreading about the most popular Muay Thai fighter’s MMA debut. That being said, Phoenix Championship features fights both disciplines, so it is still unclear what Buakaw is working out for his next appearance.

Anyway, in the upcoming days, the truth will be out. And if Chahe’s tweet translates, there’s a chance PHOENIX 1, featuring Buakaw fighting in Lebanon, would not be only a BIG DEAL, but the BIGGEST DEAL in the history of martial arts in the region!

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