Suleiman vs. Karaki to Nominate the Next Middleweight Title Challenger?

Almost one month passed since Desert Force 13.


Desert Force 13 was almost four weeks ago and yet what the fans witnessed in that event still lingers on discussion boards and blogs across the social media networks. We saw a Title fight finish abruptly before a minute of the first round has even come to pass (Ibrahim El-Sawi vs Abdallah Abou Hamdan).

We saw an undefeated Middleweight fighter who, with great controversy and anticipation from his fans, relinquished his interim middleweight title to successfully tackle the welterweight class and carry on his record to 4-0 despite a later-announced fractured wrist and ribs (Mohammad Fakhreddine vs George Eid).

We saw a Light Heavyweight champ drop and take on a middleweight fight and swiftly end a very aggressive bout (Mohammad Karaki vs Hussein Mollamahdi). Another bout that got our attention for sure was the comeback of a veteran contender to the middleweight ranks, a match up of two heavy brawlers with serious hurt to their punch and pain to their tackle. A second chance Tarek Suleiman would not give up had his life even depended on it; He was good to his word.

But let’s consider this for a moment. Karaki will be defending his Light Heavyweight title against Sami Antar this December. The middleweight division is very thin and Tarek Sleiman faced a (4-5-0) opponent whose Desert Force streak now stands at 3 consecutive losses. Has he really had the chance to show his true grit and full-fledged metal? ‘Iron Man’ Salamah is synonymous with Stubborn and TOUGH for sure, but has the well-rounded Tarek earned his right of passage all the way to a Title match for the Middleweight championship shield? One would think you have to earn a title fight and go against class A contenders looking for the same prize.

For Mohammad “O’Lutador” Karaki, his impressive debut at middleweight against Hussein Mullamahdi proves again, ever since his debut in Desert Force, that he’s an all-A fighter.

After Antar, it would be interesting to see the lean-built Karaki fight at middleweight against the likes of Abdallah AbouHamdan and the current champion Ibrahim El Sawi eventually.

Tarek Suleiman could be next in line for a title shot as the middleweight division lacks top contenders and he surely packs all the skills to be one. Yet after Karaki’s drop to middleweight, wouldn’t it be an exciting match up?! Suleiman vs. Karaki, to nominate the next middleweight title challenger. What do you think?

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