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Desert Force Al Academiya 2, Episode 7 Breakdown

In the last episode of Desert Force Al Academia Season 2, Philip Massoud from Aziz Juladin’s green team is set to face Hussein Ayad from Selwady’s red team at 61 KG and Mohammad Al Sibahi, who got a second chance to represent the green team, is set to face Ghaleb Harashe, who showed some good wrestling.


Starting with Philip Massoud vs Hussein Ayad, the fight kicks off and both fighters are quick to get into the clinch position. Massoud takes hold of a neck lock and tries to drag his opponent down almost the entire round. Both fighters show that their wrestling isn’t their strong point as the round ends with Massoud, pretty much doing the same thing of holding Ayad’s neck and working for some kind of throw/drag.

Round 2 begins with some eye catching striking exchanges between the two, until Massoud accidentally strikes Ayad to the groin. No points are deducted, however, as the two return to action mode. The round goes pretty much back and forth with strikes, with a slight advantage to Massoud for more quantity and quality of strike combinations landed.

When the bell finally rings for the final round, both Massoud and Ayad throw some intense punches all over the cage. Ayyad somehow manages to take Massoud down, pins him and starts landing some good elbows until he finally mounts Massoud, but doesn’t take advantage of it, landing inefficient ground and pound to finish. After a while, Massoud gives Ayad his back and Ayad is again unable to sink in a deep rear-naked choke with the bell ringing again signaling the end of the third and final round.

It was pretty clear in this one that the winner is Philip Massoud and now set for the semi-finals of Al Academiya.


In fight number 2, the fight starts with both Al Sibahi and Harashe keeping quite some distance away from each other. Al Sibahi lands some good kicks to Harashe, but Harashe manages to take Al Sibahi down for a total of 3 times in the round. Close round, but a small edge goes to Harashe based on take-downs.

In round 2, Al Sibahi comes in stronger and lands a huge low kick that stuns Harashe. After a while, Harashe again attempts to shoot for a take down with SIbahi blocking it. However, Harashe’s power over-whelms Al Sibahi who is taken down and eventually mounted. Harashe has some difficulty in maintaining a bumpy mount position and almost gets stuck in a heel hook by Al Sibahi that goes wrong and ends up in getting him rear-mounted. Harashe doesn’t take a lot of time to get the hooks in and finish a quick rear-naked choke that gets Al Sibahi to submit and advances Harashe to the semi-finals.

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