Erberth Santos Wins The Abu Dhabi King of Mats Title


Los Angeles, 23rd September, 2018: Abu Dhabi King of Mats® second edition was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center with some tactical and action packed matches among ten of the best heavyweights in the black belt division, who competed for a combined total cash prize of $42,000.


Erberth Santos won the title of the Abu Dhabi King of Mats®, after he defeated Jackson Sousa in a very defensive and strategic fight. The match ended 0-0 in score but the decision was awarded to Erberth Santos, who was deemed the worthy winner by the referee.


Erberth Santos will now face the reigning Abu Dhabi King of Mats® champion – Alexander Trans in a super match.


“I didn’t have any strategy for the final match, I went in the match and gave my best, I am here to fight. I think this is the secret of my success.” Said Erberth Santos


“I would like to give all the credits of my performance to my team and teammates, they are helping me develop my game and my career as an athlete. It’s been an amazing tournament and I will keep working hard and eventually become what everyone dreams to become – “the best of all times”. He said


“I am very anxious for the super match, I want this fight and I can’t wait for that fight”. He said


Jackson Sousa who lost a very close fight in the finals said:

“Erberth Santos is a top guy in the jiu-jitsu community, so I congratulate him for the win. I want to thank my team and also I am grateful for the UAEJJF for organizing this amazing tournament.”


“The UAEJJF can count on me to compete in the future tournaments, unfortunately I lost this fight due to the referee’s decision, he did a good fight, very aggressive. As a professional athlete we need to learn how to win and how to lose, but win or lose, we always learn.”





Ricardo Evangelista

Tanner Rice

Gabriel Arges

Adam Wardzinski

Gutemberg Pereira



Erberth Santos

Gerard Labinski

Jackson Sousa

Alexandro Ceconi

Rudson Teles


Match 1. Ricardo Evangelista vs Tainer Rice

Evangelista won by Submission


Match 2. Erberth Santos vs Gerard Labinski

Erberth Santos won on points 2-0


Match 3. Gabriel Arges vs Adam Wardzinski

Adam Wardzinski won on points 2-0


Match 4. Jackson Sousa vs Alexandro Ceconi

Jackson Sousa won on points 4-0


Match 5. Ricardo Evangelista vs Gutemberg Pereira

Gutemberg Pereira won on points 4-0


Match 6. Ereberth Santos vs Rudson Teles

Erberth Santos won by submission


Match 7. Tanner Rice vs Gabriel Arges

Gabriel won on points 4-0


Match 8. Gerard Labinski vs Jackson Sousa

Jackson Sousa won on points 2-0


Match 9. Adam Wardzinski vs Gutemberg Pereira

Adam won on points 2-0


Match 10. Alexandro Ceconi vs Rudson Teles

Rudson Teles won by submission


Match 11. Ricardo Evangelista vs Gabriel Arges

Evangelista won on points 2-0


Match 12. Erberth Santos vs Jackson Sousa

Erberth Santos won on advantage point (score 2-2)


Match 13. Tanner Rice vs Adam Wardzinski

Adam Wardzinski wo on points 2-0


Match 14. Gerard Labinski vs Alexandro Ceconi

Gerard Labinski wins on points 2-0


Match 15. Gabriel Arges vs Gutemberg Pereira

Gutemberg Pereira won on advantage point (Score 2-2)


Match 16. Jackson Sousa vs Rudson Teles

Jackson sousa won on points 2-0


Match 17. Ricardo Evangelista vs Adam Wardzinski

Evangelista won on advantage points (Score 0-0)


Match 18. Erberth Santos vs Alexandro Ceconi

Erberth Santos won by submission


Match 19. Tanner Rice vs Gutemberg Pereira

Gutemberg won on advantage points (Score 2-2)




  1. Ricardo Evangelista vs Jackson Sousa

Jackson Sousa won on points 2-0


  1. Erberth Santos vs Gutemberg Pereira

Erberth Santos won by walk over as Gutemberg Pereira pulled out due to injury




Erberth Santos vs Jackson Sousa

Erberth Santos won by referee decision


Please visit here for full results:


If you missed the event, it will be broadcasted on delayed on the following netwroks: FloGrappling worldwide stream, Combate in Brazil and Airtel TV, Idea Movies & TV, Jio TV and Triple Play IPTV in India, FOX Sports in Asia, Fight Sports in North America, Caribbean, Europe, Japan, Fight Network in Canada, Europe and MENA, Astro in Malaysia, Starhub in Singapore, ABS-CBN Sports in Philippines, Orange TV, IndiHome and MyRepublik in Indonesia, Singtel in Singapore and Australia, Azam Sports in Africa, EB-TV in Asia, J Sports and TV Asahi in Japan, SFR Sports in Europe, Dubai Sports and Sharjah Sports in MENA.


The third leg of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam® Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Season 4 [2018-19] heads to Rio de Janeiro [Brazil] on 16th, 17th and 18th of November. For registrations and more information, please visit –

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