Fakhreddine accepts Harris’s challenge; ONE condition

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Carlston Harris “Moçambique” (11-3-0) has been living, training and fighting in Brazil for the last 10 years, but is a native to Guyana. He has gone through countless Brazilian opponents and is now looking for a different journey. Harris is now set on fighting foreigners, “Gringos”, to test his skills. Brave Combat Federation 3 which took place in Curitiba, saw his debut against Thiago “Monstro” Vieira.

Harris ended the fight via TKO and has now picked up Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine (10-1-0) on his radar.

“If you look at my record, practically all of my opponents have been Brazilian. I want to fight a “gringo” next, a foreigner, someone who can ask different questions of me. I’m always ready, you know. When I enter the cage, I don’t count on luck, I count on my hard work. I want to put that work to test against a foreign fighter”,

explains “Moçambique”.

Fakhreddine, the Brave CF welterweight fighter, previously announced his enthusiasm to fight on Brazilian soil and is a proper first “Gringo” for Harris to match with.

“I have two fights, two wins, and two finishes. I deserve the belt so why not, lets get it done.”

says the Lebanese in response to a short call-out clip featuring Harris on Brave CF Facebook page.

Even though Fakhreddine built quite a following in the Arab region as a dominate fighter, “Moçambique”  mentions that he isn’t impressed with his talent.

“I mean, he’s got good hands and he’s explosive, but I’m not impressed. I train with very tough guys on a daily basis. If he wants to come to Brazil and fight, I’m more than willing to welcome him and fight him. I’m a Brave employee and I have a goal which is to become a champion here. I’ll fight anyone, but I know me and Fakhreddine can put on a tremendous show in Brazil and a win over him will put me very close to my goal. You can expect fireworks”, says the South American Harris.

Fakhreddine also states on the video call out of Harris “Hey if u guys ( Brave officials ) want it u know am down to fight anyone anywhere. If u guys gonna do this for the strap, let’s do it. ”

The two very different characters and style are apparent, but the one thing they align on is the will to fight each other. This could be a spectacular match up when the promotion heads to Brazil, again. Let’s see if Brave CF makes it happen.

Stay tuned for updates only on ArabsMMA. Meanwhile, check out how Fakhreddine manhandled his latest opponent at Brave 6 Kazakhstan.

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