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Fakhreddine Reveals “Gameplan” For Brave 10 Rematch

Fakhreddine gameplan

Mohammad Fakhreddine looks very confident prior to his rematch against Tahar Hadbi. The fight which is set to take part of Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises has been hyped as the biggest rivalry in the history of the Middle East. Unlike many other fighters, Fakhreddine has previously showed part of his training, especially the conditioning part, as he gets ready to face Hadbi again. Conditioning the “Groin” area is a funny and smart move, after that hard shot that ended their first encounter. That’s how we would do it too!

Fakhreddine didn’t stop there, he went on to share another video on social media, revealing his gameplan for the upcoming fight. Watch the video below and share it around for a quick laugh!

What’s surprising is seeing Ashraf Shishani of Shishani Submission System, part of this parody. We all know Thailand to be incredible, but to make Shishani laugh and play, now that’s a miracle!

Jokes aside, both fighters have spent a good amount of time together in the cage. What we are about to see in Jordan is a rematch for the ages, where only one “Alfa” will walk away with legitimate bragging rights as the BADDEST MAN between the two.

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