The Fifth Coming: “Brave 5: Go For Glory”, India

On April 23rd, another amazing event is to take place by none other than Brave Combat Federation. The fifth installment of this ever growing promotion is set in the land of the Far East; Mumbai, India. The notoriety of the world’s renowned spiritual gurus is what the Brave fighting promotion strives to accomplish, and is already on its path.

Bahrain’s Brave promotion, owned by HH Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, began just about a year ago. It has been spreading its goodness across different countries over its short time period of existence.

The success of the first event held in Bahrain made such an impact that lead to the immediate organization of the second in UAE, the third in Ireland, the fourth in Brazil and now the fifth India. It doesn’t stop there; the 6th upcoming event is to be held in Kazakhstan.

So much accomplished in so little time, Brave is an example of inspiration to all companies around the world. Global domination is imminent.

Based on a unique vision, KHK MMA’s Brave promotion shares the common mission by all those involved; to improve, develop, and expand the world of MMA in the Middle East and beyond. Global recognition is way on its way with the immense dedication, energy and financial investments. All of which have its fighters, opponents, and audiences lining up to be a part of the wonders it has in-store.

India is next in line. A huge market for gifted athletes and great exposure to its estimated of 1.5 million audience members who’s attention is up for grabs, the fifth Brave event will make its mark. India, like much of the Middle East had a slightly slow start to embrace the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Now is the time for it to spread vastly across the continent with many taking part in training that were once more involved in the national sport of Cricket.

The sport of MMA is now the second most watched sport across India. However the lack in awareness and acceptance of the sport tends to leave the public a little fearful due to its intense nature, leaving less attention than is warranted to their talents. India is a good affiliate to the liking of Brave Bahrain, as Brave’s main focus is bringing up and bridging MMA globally, for the fighters by the fighters.

An untapped market waiting for excitement and entertainment will enforce and elevate the already positive business relations between Bahrain and India.


Brave 5 will see the Bantamweight division fight between the KHK MMA fighter Hamza Kooheji (5-1-0) who proudly represents the Kingdom of Bahrain and India’s Chaitanya Gavali (6-3-0) of Evolution MMA India, in a match up that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Kooheji is no stranger to the Indian realm of MMA, as his debut began as he reigned as champion in the India’s Super Fight League International MMA competition, who then went on to fight in Dessert Force. Gavali is known to be one of the best India has to offer, who also started out in Super Fight League India.

One of the top ranks of this major promotion, President Mohammad Shahid stated that: since he was a young fighter making his way from India, he applied his fighter instincts and determination to make this happen.”

No doubt he couldn’t be happier to see his long life dream be realized at the end of this month. This is just one way President Shahid is giving back after his long and testing journey through the years to get to where he is today.

A global force in the making, Brave thinks big; a reflection of the heart, devotion, and determination of HH Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad al Khalifa, founder of KHK MMA Bahrain. Each country of choice in the running will see more than just KHK MMA’s best efforts to achieve their goals and vision for support across the world.

One of the nations to also have the goodness of Bahrains attention spread to is the 6th country to have the tremendous opportunity to experience the wonders that Brave has to give will be kazakhstan.

A country known for its depth of underground emmaculate fighters whose training spread far and wide from very young ages, will benefit from the popularity that Bahrains Brave brings with it. There are no limits to where Brave CF will place its stamp and highlight areas that the U.S has stolen the attention from. Major well known Kazakhstan fighters include the likes of Kairat Akhmetov “The Zazkht” with the epic record of (23-0) and Jumabieke Tuerxum (17-4-0).

In need of exposure and attention, Kazakhstan will no doubt provide fights in a land of natural warriors, which Brave will bring to the table.

Brave is the gateway for opportunities to fighters around the world to prove their worth, and gives audiences a run for their money.

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