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*GRAPHIC* MMA Fighter Hospitalized After Devastating Nutshot

The first exploding testicle in MMA has happened!

An MMA fight at Road FC 39 in South Korea was brought to a halt after a devastating kick to the groin left Aorigele in tears of agony.

Just seconds into the first round, Myung landed a heavy kick between his opponent’s legs. The blow that sent a resonating echo saw Myung’s shin connect perfectly with Aorigele’s lap region.

Aorigele immediately collapsed, screaming in pain. Yeah, months of training and that happens.

Doctors rushed into the octagon and covered the heavyweight fighter with a sheet so they could make the necessary checks. Obviously Myung didn’t mean to kick him there, but still, that was just brutal to watch.

Take a look at the cringe-worthy video above.

Aorigele was left seriously injured, and had to be hospitalized. Hyun Man Myung’s low strike appears to have caused Aori Lee to rupture a testicle, causing serious injury to the fighter. Let’s all hope Aorigele and his jewels recover.

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