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The First Submission Grappling Championship To Hit Tunisia This Summer

How to celebrate the end of the season? With a big Grappling beach party. Tunisian fighter is proud to invite you to the first Submission Grappling challenge this 4th of September 2013.

How to celebrate the end of the season? With a big Grappling beach party. Tunisian fighter is proud to invite you to its first Submission Grappling Challenge this 4th of September 2013.
The rules will be held based on the regular rules of Grappling X-rules.
Weigh ins start at 9am till 11am.
Join some of the best known martial artists in Tunisia (Karim Khalifa , Said Belabbas (adfc) , Chawki Lafifi (adfc) Wissam Trad (Naga Champ) and alot of other well known international names.An after beach party will follow the event till evening.


Categories of experts:
Below 1 year : Beginners
Between 1 and 3 years: Intermediates
Above 3 years : Advanced


Categories: -65 -70 -75 -80 -85 -90 and over 90

What is Grappling?

It is a system of competition that allows the participant of different lutte sports(Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu , Ju-jitsu, Lutte libre and Wrestling…) background to face off on the same platform within a unified set of rules.

What Are Basic Grappeling X Rules:


This is to avoid slamming to escape the guard and various submissions from the guard and to prevent any major injury.

2. General Cleanliness:

Come to the event clean with trimmed toe and finger nails. Competitors with Offensive odors before the event starts will be refunded and kindly asked to leave the tournament.

3. Scoring Points:

To gain points for any move or position, the competitor (aggressor) must show clear control for a “3 Count” by the referee – this is the key in point scoring for our tournaments: TOTAL CONTROL FOR A “3 COUNT” TO EARN POINTS

4.Injury Time:

If either competitor is bleeding, the match will be stopped immediately. The mat will be cleaned to ensure cleanliness. Competitor is entitled to a total of 3 minutes to stop any bleeding. If the same competitor begins to bleed again, the match will be stopped immediately and their opponent will win by “Injury Default”. All other injuries, including cramps, muscle pulls, crying (in Kid’s Divisions), screaming or yelping will signify as a verbal submission and end the match.

5. All Referee Decisions are 100% FINAL:

All of the referees are paid professionals and have many hours of professional training in the arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Submission Grappling, amongst other ground fighting and stand-up arts. They are to be respected at ALL TIMES will have a threat-free and pressure-free environment.

6. Wrist Locks:

All wrist locks are legal in ALL Adult divisions Blue belt and Up & No-Gi Intermediate / Advanced divisions, but ILLEGAL in ALL Kids and Teen’s Division.

7. PENALTIES: (resulting in the warnings and point deductions listed below):

a.) NO Stalling– The referee will issue warnings for the following: I.e. backing out of the guard without engaging, butt scooting, fleeing the ring to avoid takedown
b.) No Clothing Grabbing in No-Gi Submission Grappling Divisions
Note: No points or positional changes will be allowed if illegally grabbed
c.) No covering of the mouth or “muffler” techniques to smother your opponent
d.) No smashing the face, eyes or nose with any part of your body allowed

*** Penalty System of Negative Scoring Against Rules Above:

1st offense of stalling = Official Warning
2nd offense of stalling = 2 Point deduction.
3rd offense of stalling = 3 point deduction
4th offense will result in a disqualification.

8. Illegal Techniques in all divisions:

No strikes, Biting, Eye gouging (includes chin to eye), Head butting,
Small join manipulation (finger and toe crank locks), Hair pulling, or Ear pulling.

9. DISQUALIFICATIONS for any of the following techniques that cause submission or injury:

No Compression Locks Allowed including Bicep, Calf Crunchers or Compression Knee Locks) in any divisions, Except Men’s/ Women’s Advanced, Professional and Brown & Black Belt Divisions.

Leg Lock infractions (see # 10 below in No-Gi Rules) causing injury or submission No Neck Cranks, and No Cervical Locks in all divisions except Men’s & Women’s Advanced as well as Professional Divisions.

Intentionally throwing a competitor on his head or neck or slamming out of any submission.

Missing your match after your name has been called over the loud speaker Three Times:– No Refunds for Missed Divisions

If a competitor breaks any of the rules after officially being warned or blatantly attempts to hurt their opponent, Bad Sportsmanship or harassment of referees, coaches or attendees will not be tolerated and result in DQ after warning.

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