Hamzah Nafush Discusses His Dominant Performance in His Desert Force Debut

Hey hamzah first of all congrats for your huge win you had an excellent performance in your last fight with Amir.

In the following interview, Hamzeh Nafush will outline what he went through before his Desert Force debut and what lead to his dominant performance that night! Keep reading to learn about this amazing MMA fighter!

He sat down with ArabsMMA’s own Naeem Deranieh for his first interview on our website, Check out what these guys talked about!



1)Hamzeh, we are glad to have you with us for the first time on ArabsMMA. A very dominant performance in your latest fight, tell us what was your game plan?

Thank you Naeem, its my pleasure to take part of this interview. My game plan was fight for 3 rounds, and surprise him with my wrestling performance. That’s mostly what we worked on with my coach Ashraf Shishani and the rest of the team at Makhai. It was a big challenge for me but thank God i made it happen. Ahmed Amir has a Judo background, so whenever he used his Judo he gave me his back, so i worked on this position to go for the back mount. We did this for three rounds haha.

2) Cornering you was Thabet Agha who was also helping you for this fight. The fact that he beat Amir before, how did that help you ?

Yeah sure, I give him a big credit for helping me in my game plan. Thabet is a very smart and tough fighter, he is like a brother! He knew what Amir was going to bring to the table and that’s what we worked on to dismantle him.

3) Haider Rasheed a fellow jordanian and member of Team Mirza is in the same weight class as you, do you think that you’re gonna have a problem facing him when the time comes? Are you planning on shifting weight classes ?

Haider trains in the same academy i train in , he is a very talented kid. We talked about that issue once and it shouldnt be a problem. This is my job and after all it’s just a sport in my opinion. I will be in this weightclass for a while.

4)Did you at any moment feel in trouble against Amir?

Not at all! I dominated him in all three rounds. He was never a threat to me!

5) Who might be your next opponent?

I think Ahmed al Bossairy will be my next opponent! He put on a good performance that night and it would be good to fight him. He is a respectable guy who i will fight with pleasure!

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