Injury Strikes Bahrain’s Hamza Kooheji Before Brave 5, India


Brave 5: Go For Glory on April 23rd in Mumbai India is now down one fighter in the Bantam weight division. Hamza Kooheji (5-1-0), the proud representative of KHK MMA gym, Bahrain, was set to fight against Chaitanya Gavali (6-3-0) of Evolution MMA India.

To the dismay of many fans, an unfortunate event has struck the talented Brave fighter. Kooheji has just announced that he will not be able to take part in what was to be an exceptional fight due to an injury. Within the last hour he posted a deeply apologetic message on instagram stating he has an uninvited injury that will hold him back from a challenge he so dearly wanted. Only the big guy up above knows what he has installed for each person. Kooheji certainly looking up to the sky in curiosity but definitely with a sense of understanding wrote

“Sometimes you sacrifice everything and dedicate everything in your life for just one thing. But you don’t get everything in life. Sometimes it is God’s will and you have to be grateful for all the things that God gives you.”

This young wise man he knows better than to feel bad about the timing of the circumstance, instead he chooses to keep a healthy mind set. It can be expected that Kooheji will use this time needed to heal to push his mental preparation for the next fight to come. The always motivated, determined, and tough Bahrani fighter will be back stronger as soon as his physical strength is back to matching his mental strength. It won’t be long before we next see him in the cage again.

Brave 5: Go for Glory is set to take place at The Dome @ NSCI, in Mumbai, on April 23rd. Tickets for the event are available at

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