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JAC To Be Reffed By The One And Only Yazan Ghattas!

Jordan will be witnessing a first of its kind local amateur tournament


Jordan will be witnessing a first of its kind local amateur tournament, Jordan Amateur Championship, organised in Amman and set for the 21st of November at the Sports City Arena.

Jordan Amateur Championship is hosted by the founders of Jordan Jiu Jitsu Cup themselves, Taher Hamdan and Thabet Agha, alongside Jahed Toughouj from Desert Force and The Famous Ashraf Shishani from Makhai Academy. Last But Not Least, the event will be reffed by the one and only Yazan Ghattass!

Yazan Ghattas stands as the first referee in the Middle East holding a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. Ghattas has joined Desert Force as a professional referee since 2013, taking JAC (Jordan Amateur Championship, MMA) to totally different standards and giving the amateurs the opportunity to gain experience through a professional environment.

This local competition is an evolution by its self for MMA in Jordan it gives the local armatures the opportunity to get familiar with the atmosphere of a professional organization like Desert Force . They will learn the rules and regulations the experience by its self will mature there actions and the way they deal with every optical they face. Not to mention all the fighters will get to know each other and learn from each other I think it will unite all our dojos together training with each other and give us some healthy and clean competition

This tournament might as well be one of the most exciting amateur tournaments in the region yet! Participants in this championship are also going to be guided by Ashraf Shishani one of the biggest names in MMA in the Middle East. Mixed Martial Arts has taken Jordan by storm and do not be surprised if these amateur athletes show professional skills.

Stay tuned for the full fight card!

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