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Jarrah Al Selawi: ‘I Told Him I Want Carl Booth’

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Three years and a half after their first meeting, Brave Combat Federation welterweight fighters Jarrah Al-Selawi and Carl Booth are very close to crossing paths again. Despite no official statement being issued from the promotion, this battle could be a reality this 17th November at Brave 9, Bahrain.

Rewinding back to March 28, 2014, Carl Booth silenced the Jordanian crowd at the King Hussein Sports City, when he knocked out Jarrah Al Selawi 30 seconds into the opening round. Since that day, a lot of twists and turns took part in both fighter’s careers, with Jarrah adding 7 wins to his record and Booth recently fighting for the Brave title.

It’s no secret that every fighter who loses a fight has the urge for a chance to redeem his loss. In this particular situation, it’s more of an obsession for the Jordanian Lion.

“I always felt that one day, I will get the chance for a rematch with Booth. I never knew what God had planned for me, but since I joined Brave and realised Booth was also part of the promotion, there could be a moment out paths may cross. I am focused on the title, but deep down, that’s the fight I really want.”

In the recent facebook post, by ArabsMMA’s Zahi Ephrem, he wrote down a list of match-ups that he would want to see, tagging both fighters who in turn showed readiness to make this happen. Now at Brave 9 in November, and the welterweight cards have flipped again. Any match up from Fakhreddine vs. Booth to Jarrah vs. Booth 2 to Tahar vs. Fakkhreddine or even Fakhreddine vs. Jarrah 2 can happen, as the fight card will probably feature the best Arab fighters in the promotion.

“I know ill be fighting in November in Bahrain. It’s not finalised whether its Booth or someone else, but I told Nassar I want this fight, and I think he will give it to me. I told him, I want Carl Booth next! He smiled, I know he may do it.”

Considering everything that happened in the past 3 years, Jarrah is surely someone who deserves a chance at redemption. A true young Lion with a lot to give to MMA in Middle East.

“I’ve never been so excited in my life about a fight. If it becomes official, Ill be very well prepared, not just physically but mentally. What excites me even more is that once I put this behind me, ill be closest to meeting my goal of getting that title. Win-Win situation.”

Brave 9 will take place in Bahrain as part of the Brave Fight week. Stay tuned on ArabsMMA.com for more details.

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