John Makdessi Robbed by the Judges at UFC 169

Makdessi (12-3, 5-3) left the cage in stunned disbelief, his modest three-fight winning streak a thing of the past. The 28-year-old Tristar Gym standout pecked away at Alves with a variety of punches and kicks, stayed at a safe distance in the face of wild standup techniques and stymied the majority of the Brazilian’s takedown attempts. Alves struck for single takedowns in the first and second rounds but failed to capitalize, as “The Bull” returned to his feet with relative ease.

According to preliminary FightMetric figures, Makdessi outperformed Alves in both total and significant strikes in all three rounds.

Was Makdessi Robbed? Watch the fight and you be the judge!

Following the fight, UFC commentator Joe Rogan was himself stunned at the decision.

“Uh, what?” a confused Rogan said. “No comment. I’m gonna throw up.”

Rogan wasn’t the only one puzzled by the decision.

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