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Jordan Set To Host Brave 10: “The Kingdom Rises”

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Brave Combat Federation announced that it will hold it’s tenth edition in the Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan. Brave 10: “The Kingdom Rises” takes place on Friday, March 2 and will be hosted at Prince Hamzah Sport Hall at King Hussein Sports City, the largest closed sporting hall in Jordan.

After a vigorous campaign initiated by Brave lightweight contender, Abdul Kareem Al Selwady, the idea of the promotion coming to Jordan was gradually becoming closer. Welterweight fighter Jarrah Al Selawe sealed the deal after his victory at Brave 9: “The Kingdom of Champions” in Bahrain, by almost instantly jumping over the cage after his win, and requesting of Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa to bring Brave to Jordan. Now, we have “Brave X” as a result of the Sheikh Khalid living up and delivering on his promise once again!

“Brave Combat Federation is committed to develop the sport of mixed martial arts globally. Athletes from Jordan had proved from time and time again why they are one among the best in the sport, the event in Jordan is the culmination of their determination, dedication and achievements. Apart from nurturing the sport, we aim to nourish tourism, economic activities, employment opportunities and cultural exchange between Jordan and Bahrain”, said Mohammed Shahid, President of Brave Combat Federation

The sports promotion had been in the forefront featuring mixed martial artists from Jordan against International athletes. Jordan also becomes the first nation to host Brave in 2018. Within a year of commencement, Brave had hosted nine events in six nations around the world including Bahrain, UAE, Brazil, India, Mexico and Kazakhstan. The event is broadcasted across 84 nations to roughly 833 million fans and had been instrumental in bringing International media attention towards mixed martial arts in the Middle East.

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