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Appreciative Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres, Dedicates Titles To KHK MMA


Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres, one of the first to join KHK MMA team, has been nothing but a superstar in the MMA cage. His impressive amateur record first caught the eye of Bahrain’s H.H. Sheikh Khalid when Torres won two consecutive IMMAF Amateur World Champions. KHK MMA soon took on this young up and coming star and landed him a contract with Titan FC the Florida based promotion in the U.S.

Torres proved himself a well respected fighter earning 5 consecutive wins in Titan FC in 1 year. Two titles across two different divisions, flyweight and Bantamweight, is only the beginning for this significant and respectable talent.

” I always wanted to fight the best and because of my extensive amateur career, I was able too and get all of the accolades that come with doing so.”

H.H. Sheikh Khalid has become a personal friend and inspiration to Torres, as he witnesses the KHK MMA vision actualizing before him. The Bahrani team has taken it upon themselves to give fighters all that they need to venture onto the road of success.

” Being introduced to Sheikh Khalid and being part of KHK MMA has been an extreme pleasure and has helped give me the best possible opportunity to start off my professional career with a bang. So far, it’s gone amazingly!”

jose torres 2 division champion

Torres has made history with his two time title when he jumped up a division and took on Bantamweight Farkhad Sharipov at Titan FC 44.

“Without Sheikh Khalid and KHK MMA, I wouldn’t have been able to create history and my pro career would’ve been much different. They have allowed me to create the path that I am on today.”

Torres owes much to the great opportunities KHK MMA has offered him to grow and develop his already fantastic skill. He has trained with the likes of MMA’s Frankie Edgar and Khabib Nurmagomedov, as well as being introduced to Lex McHamon (Titan FC COO) all of which cleared a path to his current fighter accomplishments. KHK MMA Brave Combat Federation promotion also gave him an interesting added bonus of experiencing the life of a commentator.

” I was given the great opportunity to build my resume commentating for the very first BRAVE show and have continued to make friends and great connections. It has been and continues to be a great time with Sheikh Khalid which I’m very happy to call my friend.”

jose torres khk mma

MMA Expansion in the Middle East

The Kingdom of Bahrain repeatedly shows it strength across the world. It takes its MMA successful promotions across to countries, brings up amateur fighters with high intensity and places them into the world of professional fighting with its hand picked international trainers and global vision. Not only has Bahrain made an impact in the International Mixed Martial Arts Amateur Federation (IMMAF) competition but have also brought international recognition to their own Brave Combat Federation.

The Middle Eastern based global promotion, Brave CF is a legitimate power force in the MMA industry making it’s imprint on the world. Thanks to the efforts and vision of the Bahrani super power, the IMMAF Worlds will be held in the home land this summer.

“MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and watching it expand as it is in the Middle East is amazing! Just watching the Kingdom of Bahrain compete in the IMMAF from year one to year two and move up to the medaling rounds has not just impressed me but, has shocked the world on how fast they have and will continue to improve.”

The young and ready to achieve Brave promotion is opening its doors to regional and international fighters to enter and dominate in the global arena. It brings Bahrain to the world and the world to Bahrain.

“Sheikh Khalid has given many athletes from around the world an opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the MMA industry. KHK MMA will give the Middle East its first MMA World Champion and it will soon to be a force to be reckoned with.

jose torres title fight

Torres response, when asked about his secret to making it as far as he has come, highlights his talents, smarts and well rounded character that he reflects in his cage dominance. He has become an inspiration to all fighters around him and has some very good advice for up and comers.

“My secret has been and will always be my extensive amateur career and the many people who have helped me along the way like Sheikh Khalid and many more. My advice for any Ammy fighter trying to have a strong pro career is practice practice practice as much as possible! Being amateur is a blessing in disguise and shouldn’t be taken for granted. ”

What’s next for Torres isn’t clear, but what is clear is his passion to become a UFC fighter. Torres attributes his path as an inspirational role and goal to reach the UFC ranks, to the likes of the Irish MMA superstar of our time, Conor McGregor.

” Conor McGregor gave me a nice blue print of what I could accomplish and now I’m doing the same for other fighters coming up as well. If this “shorty” can do it, any shorty can do it!”

On an end note, when asked whether he would like to get into the ring with Conor MeGregor, Torres had the following to say:

“Conor is too big for me but, I would like the honor to spar and train with him. I think it’d be a fun time to not just learn from training with him but, also learn the ins and outs outside the cage as well.”

Lets see where this thankful and appreciative KHK MMA fighter heads to next.

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