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K Dojo Warrior Tribe is a premier Mixed Martial Arts training academy offering a variety of programs for children and adults, beginners and pros. K Dojo was founded by and is staffed with experienced, talented instructors, primarily from the North Caucasus Region of Russia, long-known for producing top competitors in wrestling, judo, sambo and other combat arts for over hundreds of years. In fact, in creating K Dojo, it was one of founder/Head Coach Murat Keshtov’s (Master K) dreams to give these Russian-born fighters an opportunity to show the MMA world exactly how rich in combative talent their region truly is, as well as to teach these unusual fighting methods to local MMA students here in America. So far, with many fighters under his guidance making waves in UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator promotions, and even more local Tribe members devastating the competition on the grappling circuit, he is making great strides in achieving his goals!

In our Warrior Tribe MMA programs, we teach a highly effective, Russian Highlander fighting-style locally referred to as “BANA”, which is a combination of these ancient combat arts. Our coaches are caring, experienced individuals who work hard to create a clean, safe, inviting and supportive team atmosphere for both children and adults alike.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our Tribe!

Address: 264 Passaic Ave, Fairfield NJ 07004, USA, NJ
Phone: 973-582-0371
Opening Hours: M-S ( 10am-10pm)

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