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Brave 2 Free Fight: Hamza Kooheji vs Jeremy Pacatiw

Brave 2 Free Fight: Hamza Kooheji vs Jeremy Pacatiw

Hamza Kooheji scored a hard-fought victory over a very game Jeremy Pacatiw after three thrilling rounds, after the Filpino had come very close to finishing the local fighter.
In an exciting first round at Brave 2 “Dynasty”, Bahrain’s pride and joy was almost finished by Kimura as he secured an excellent takedown but fell into a submission which looked tight. Kooheji looked stronger yet Pacatiw was always dangerous from below and attacking in different ways.
The second round saw Pacatiw swinging and connecting with Kooheji, but Hamza scored another takedown and spent most of the round in top control attempting to transition and find a submission.
The third round started the same way as the Filipino looked dangerous with his unpredictable striking, yet once again Kooheji secured a crucial takedown. Suddenly Kooheji fell into an arm-bar attempt and for two and a half minutes was defending this dangerous submission. Finally he broke free and finished on top, landing a big knee as the bell rang.

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